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He was elected to spearhead the overall activities of the bank on December 20 in 2002. His appointment was facilitated by his profile as a prominent economist who ever served in the federal government of the United States of America. Prior to his appointment he was holding such a high position since July 2000. He had joined the bank in 2000 as a chairman and CEO of TD Canada trust following the acquisitions of Canada trust financial services.

When he was serving as a chairman he successively oversaw successive integration of TD Bank group and Canada trust banking operations services. But before he joined the TD bank group he was serving as the president and CEO of Canada trust financial services. Earlier in 1985 he is said to have joined the Merrill lynch and served for only three years. 

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Later after he moved from Merrill lynch he was appointed to be the chairman and CEO of Morgan financial corporation which is a position that he held until he moved to the Canada's trust financial cooperation. He held this position until when he then joined the Canada trust financial services. He is also said to have held other senior positions in the financial department at the federal government level in the United States of America.

Ed cark graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Arts from university of Toronto ion 1969. He also earned a masters degree and doctorate degree in economics from the Harvard University in 1974. He also received an honorary degree from Mount Allison University and another honorary degree also from Queens University.

He serves as a chairman of board of td bank in North America together with its subsidiary branches of the bank group that are within the region. Also he served as a vice-chairman of board of td Ameritrade Holding Cooperation. In 2010, he was the cabinet chairperson for the united way Toronto, and also a member of chairs' advisory board for habitat for the humanity in Toronto which is responsible for providing support of the Woodgreen Community Services which is an organization that helps to deliver programs which are aimed at building sustainable communities in the region of Toronto in America.

His Achievements and Honors

In 2010, Ed Clark was honored several times for his vision, integrity and courageous leadership. In the same year, he was also appointed to be the winner of the order of Canada which is one of country's highest distinction honors. This was due to his contribution to the banking and financial sectors of Canada and also his philanthropic and voluntary endeavors.

Also, he received the leadership award of Egale which was due to his honor for his leadership in supporting the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Communities and also he was honored by the inaugural catalyst of Canada because he had made critical and visible differences in the advancement of women in the society as he served as the president of the Td Bank Group.  But capping his incredible year of 2010, he was named to be the most outstanding chief executive officer of the year in Canada.

Roles and Responsibilities of Ed Clark as the CEO and President of the TD Bank Group

He holds the singular organizational position which is responsible for carrying out the policies and strategic plans as they are established by the td bank group board of directors. Therefore, he holds the position which with the ultimate management responsibility for the td bank group. He evaluates the implemented policies and strategies and reports to the board of directors for further action.

One of his typical role in  the TD Bank Group is to direct and execute the activities of the association directly to the subordinates which may either managers of subsidiary bank branches across the region or the employees of the same organization he is situated. He also provides the leadership in the creation of policies and strategic plans by other managers who spearhead the activities of other bank branches in   the region.

Also he is the overall financial manager sand planner of the bank group and other financials managers fall under his authority. This helps him to develop financial goals of the bank group which he is well known to be perfect in delivering according to his earlier working experience and records. Also he is responsible for the organizational development of the bank group in the region. In case of a mishap in the organization culture and structure, he is expected to apply his knowledge towards the development of the same.

He also spearheads the work of measuring and analyzing the performance of td bank group from time to time. The implementation of strategic plan and policies has to be measured and evaluated from time to time in order to determine their viability to the growth of an organization. However this is normally done at the end of each financial period at which financial figures are used as the main determinant to the performance. His presence in the evaluation and measurement process is because he is the overall decision maker in the bank group.

The Successes of the TD Bank Group under His Leadership 

He has spearheaded the td bank group into achieving numerous successes during his leadership as the President and the CEO of the bank group. During his leadership the bank group has been rated to the bank than offers highest financial help, to the development groups of women in the United States. It is with this reason that he was awarded the honorary awards for the inaugural catalyst in Canada.

In 2010, the bank group was indicated to be the financial firm which has the quickest recovery from the financial crisis that had affected the financial sector of the United States. When Mr., Ed Clark was interviewed, he said that the positive projectile of the bank was facilitated by t he positive workforce and the charisma of the overall leadership of the bank in the region. The bank emerged the leading financial firm with the highest profit in the same year.

In the implementation of the strategic plans and policies, the bank has succeeded due to the leadership of Mr. Ed Clark. In the year 2009 the board of directors of t bank group made a policy which its implementation was meant to offer financial help to the minority groups in the country. However, mr.ed Clark as the CEO and the president of the bank group was to carry out the role of implementation and oversee the performance of the implemented strategies. To his wisdom, he opted to offer help to the development groups of women in the region in which he succeeded and many women got financial help from the bank after which they became then stakeholders of the bank.

The Conclusion

Ed Clark is one of the most prominent CEOs in the world. Despite his numerous honors and receiving of awards he has maintained his charisma which proves him to be a perfect leader. The TD Bank group under his management has managed to make numerous achievements and successes in the financial sector.  He has carries out his role as a CEO of the bank perfectly thus managing to achieve successes of the implementation of the strategic plans and policies as they are set by the Board of Directors of the bank group. Mr. Ed Clark is the best CEO in America. 

With accordance to his working profile and achievements, Mr. Ed Clark can be rate as one of the best economists in the world.  This is because his working records say that wherever he has worked he leaves a mark of excellent in the area he practices his leadership skills. After the financial crisis, the TD Bank Group contributed the highest figure of tax revenue to the government of the United States under his leadership. This was not expected but the surprise he gave to the Americans promised them a bright future thus he is a leader who is achievements and success oriented despite the challenges that he finds along the way.


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