Free Communication Differences in Work Teams Essay Sample

Communication is the distribution of ideas by a word of mouth, printed copy or signs. In order for a company to operate efficiently, managers must use properly varied communication means that equate the supervisory role. A manager might use either verbal or nonverbal communication in delegating responsibilities. The director attends meetings, talks to people and prepares written records. Another vital issue is the ability of managers to understand the basis of information. Managers need to be aware of the different communication channels available, since an effective communication is an important aspect in a productive organization.

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The information is required to run smoothly; both downward passing of information to the subordinate staff and upward ways of communication are recommended. The main role of the manager is to get an assignment done. The whole process involves having resources to perform the work, informing others on developments in the company, and having the staff well organized. These factors enhance the efficient running of the company, thus making the administering of authority easy. Passing of information to the subordinate staff involves using the right channels to convey the message. This is necessary as it encourages staff to perform the chore more effectively. Communication to the superiors is also important, since it involves good timing and strategic approach.

There are many communication channels, and this gives a manager an opportunity to choose an appropriate means of communication to convey the message in the most effective way. In a business setting, the level of education, roles assigned in the company, and the age of the employee may cause drastic differences in the interpretation of the message. Thus, all of this should be considered, when choosing the communication type to be used in an organization. This is important, as the different needs and qualities of the employees should be taken into account when distributing information. In dictatorial organizations, where an upward communication is the only method of communication, the output of the company is affected negatively.


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