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A conflict is a situation in which there are disagreements between two or more people over certain issues. Conflicts usually result from mismatch of interests or goals of the concerned parties. Conflicts usually result whenever the concerned parties perceive that there is possibility of some threats that would hinder them from achieving their goals and objectives. During conflicts, parties often struggle against each other over which courses of actions should be taken to address a given problem. According to Rahim, conflicts arise when two or more people attempt to frustrate or discourage the possibility of attainment of goals and objectives of another person or a group of persons.

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Strategies to Resolve the Conflict at Just Right Tire Company

There are various approaches and techniques that can be used in conflict resolution and management. Appropriate conflict resolution strategies have become an unavoidable part in the management of organizations today. Conflict resolution strategies can be quite challenging to develop, formulate and implement. However, it is important to note that there are some conflict resolution strategies, which if well managed, can produce outstanding results for the organization.

As a manger, the first step in resolving the conflict is to identify the generic source of the disagreement. Recognizing and discovering sources of conflict would facilitate identification, formulation and implementation of various appropriate solutions and management techniques. For example, in this scenario, it was the varying wants of Jan, Sally and Mark. Being equipped with all relevant information relating the conflict is vital in resolution process.

Secondly, I would the three parties to collaborate by pooling together their varied demands, requirements or goals and then determining the best way forward that would please everybody. I would use the cognitive response approach to conflict resolution. This entails making keen observations on the intrinsic factors causing the conflicts from positive perspective.

Additionally, I would advice Jan, Sally and Mark to avoid any preconceived ideas or prejudice. They should put at bay personal feelings such as anger and hatred in order to work together peacefully. It is also important to recognize, understand and be able to bear with the weaknesses of people in team works.

Another strategy to resolve the conflict would be compromising. Jan, Sally and Mark should be able to give up some of their needs or demands in order to obtain something else in return. Katz argues that winning one thing as by losing another smaller is acceptable.

Last but least, I would emphasize on avoidance as conflict resolution strategy. This refers to a situation where either one or two of the conflicting parties withdraw their demands or sidestep for the others.

In my view, conflicts should be viewed as a positive thing that enhances relationships among people who work as a team. Members of a team who manage to tolerate disagreements and thus work together during conflicts are capable of succeeding in future when such circumstances arise again. Good communication and proper listening skills are fundamental in conflict resolution and management. For instance, Sally would have convinced Mark and Jan over the best possible ways of addressing the advertisement problem. Team members should seek possible solutions collectively rather than parting to the own directions. Sally. Jan and Mark should take responsibility and work together as one group towards the attainment of their goals.

Similarly, creative problem solving strategies are essential to positively management teamwork conflicts. I would conclude that if conflicts are not properly resolved, there are higher chances of decreased productivity within the organization. The effectiveness, efficiency and proficiency of the employees would also reduce drastically.


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