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Correctional management in communities have become increasingly difficult .The process is surrounded by many challenges and lacks capacity making it a potential area of manipulation. This paper seeks to explore an institution mandated with correctional management especially because of the importance it plays in society today. The paper defines an institution and develops a strategic plan that could be used to improve its future operations. Correctional management systems consume substantial resources and their effectiveness is pegged upon a variety of factors. These systems should strive to become effective since they play an important role in eradicating security threats and enhancing sanity. The paper consists of two parts namely: an introduction and a strategic plan. The introduction mainly describes the organization in question while the strategic plan provides a future perspective of the organization. The paper ends with a conclusion underlining the significance of the plan to the entire humanity.

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Company Identity

Metropolitan Correctional Center, New York City is an internationally known Remand. The remand located in New York, downtown Manhattan and houses both male and female inmates. This organization is mandated with the duty of correctional management within and without New York. Most inmates in this remand are convicted at different courts such as the United States District Court .Currently bit houses 750 inmates with approximately 150 members of staff. The company’s mission statement is “Dedicated to bringing change”. The institution offers various services most of which are designed for inmate .Some of the services are:

  • Training services such as carpentry, masonry, formal education, religious education among others.
  • Medical services for inmates
  • Counseling meant to offer psychological guidance to various inmates
  •  Food and accommodation services

Strategic plan

Every organization requires a dedication towards walking into the future in order to keep pace with various changes as. Strategic plans makes organizations better placed to face various obstacles and become more effective. A plan enables any organization to deliver services at minimum cost .A strategic plan helps convert challenges to opportunities and transform organizations to greater heights making their better placed to meet their obligations.

Why Is The Plan Vital For Metropolitan Correctional Center?

The remand offers a vital service that determines the economic, political and social future of New York .The level of crime and mental illnesses in New York continues to increase everyday creating congestion and other challenges in the remand. Changes in technology can enable the organization to operate at lower costs and thus the need for adopting it. Availability of new information regarding Psychological human disorders is unveiled every year making it important to develop staff and other stake holders. There are other activities within New York the remand would engage in that still remain unexplored.

Proposed Strategic Plan

Metropolitan Correctional Center will experience remarkable changes within a period of five years once this strategic plan is implemented. This five year plan is guided by the principles of integrity, corporate governance, developmental management and service delivery. The plan is built upon five objectives which will remain the guiding principles throughout the implementation process. All the objectives are directed towards moving the organization to another level of operation within the five years stipulated. The overall guiding plan remains the mission statement which acts as the compass for the entire organization.


The following strategic plan objectives will help move the industry to the next level of operation within a period of five years. These objectives were advised by the need to move the organization to a level where it

  • To improve the infrastructural capacity of the organization to accommodate more inmates-This is aimed at improving some of the existing infrastructures and equipping them with adequate facilities in order to support more cases
  • To improve the financial capacity of the organization –This is aimed at increasing funding for the remand to enable it to deliver its services effectively without constraints .Such duties include training, accommodating, and feeding the inmates.
  • To improve the quality of services offered to both inmates and staff every year- This is aimed at creating better relationships between the staff and the inmates in order enhance service delivery
  • To enhance effective management of cases involving inmates- This is aimed at improving training and counseling activities in order to release more inmates every year after successful correction of behavior
  • To improve health standards within the organization-This is aimed at improving sanitation in order to reduce cases of disease outbreaks such as diabetes among the inmates.

Objective 1: Infrastructure

Strategy 1: Improving infrastructure will call for building a new structure for accommodation purposes .A new infrastructure once in place will increase the capacity of the remand and help decongest already congested halls. This will go a far way in reducing cases in the streets that remains unattended to and hence help the organization fulfill its pledge to the people of New York.

Strategy 2: Purchase of new furniture in order to create a new training hall that will assist the organization handle training challenges for inmates. This hall is aimed at handling formal education due to the increasing demand for formal skills in the society

Program to Help Achieve the Objective

In order to achieve the objective the organization will engage some of the less serious cases of inmates in financial activities such as sales of furniture and metal works built by inmates 

This will be done by assessing records of sales at the end of every week, reviewing progress monthly and preparation of comprehensive records every year. The assessment of purchased infrastructure and construction will be done by a review team every 4 months.

Strategy 1: Soliciting for more funds from various sectors .These sectors will include government, nongovernmental organization and the community.

The staff will engage themselves in a rigorous campaign to solicit for funds formal the mentioned sources. The management will appoint two members to engage government, two to engage non-governmental organizations, and a ten member committee to roll out a public campaign.

An express authority assessment team will be constituted which will review progress every six months and prepare a report for the management board.

Strategy 2: Morale boosting activities such as privileges for best performed members of staff .This will involve regular assessment of staff members every year and issuing privileges such as tours or education for their children.

The management will roll out a staff morale boosting program that will enhance service delivery .The program will be based on a rewarding criteria and not punishment. This endeavor will greatly improve interactions within the organization.

Assessment of progress will go hand in hand with staff assessment. This is to be carried out by the management board annually.

Strategy 3: To equip the staff with better skills and knowledge on how to handle cases. Such skills include counseling, disciplinary skills and training.

This will involve rolling out a training program for all members of staff to equip them with various skills. This will include training managers, counselors, trainers and disciplinarians. The training will be carried out in shifts every six months for the five years.

This will be done by reviewing and assessing the staff database every six months in order ascertain career progression. Assessment will be done by the human resource departments.

Strategy1: Improving the drainage system in the organization and general cleanliness in the halls as well as personal cleanliness.

Strategy2: Increasing the medical professionals attending to inmates. This will involve hiring the services of new professionals to cater for the growing population.

This can be done every two weeks by officers on duty and reporting to shift supervisors in order to make comparisons every month.

Overall Assessment of Strategic Plan

The overall plan will be reviewed every six months by the development team. Review will constitute physical inspection of every report based on the five objectives, making reviews of changes to be done and recommendations. The recommendations will be ready for viewing by the management board after every six months. Such recommendations if approved will be sent to various stake holders and implemented within the organization.

This will call for designing of cleaning schedules for the inmates every two days in order to raise the standards and eradicate diseases such diabetes. This can be done in shifts for various halls in order to make the process of management and supervision easier.

Strategic plans in correctional management organizations play a vital role in instilling sobriety. For a long time these institutions have remained under poor management .As a result they have continued to deliver substantial standards and stagnate over time. Streamlining these organizations by the use of result based strategic plans will go along to instill discipline in the institution. This will continue to cause remarkable changes and deprive communities of insecurity and social challenges. Strategic plans make these institutions manageable for all stake holders enhancing effectiveness and improving service delivery.


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