Free Critical Thinking in Workplaces Essay Sample

Critical thinking is significant in workplaces, especially for employers carrying out management roles. Decisions they make can affect an individual, a department or the workplace entirely. As a result, employers should possess critical skills that would help them when making their decisions. They should not use their rank to make decision; instead, they should apply their critical thinking skills to come up with the correct solution to a problem. There conclusion should always come from true and valid premises before making judgments.

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In this case, as an assistant director who receives an application that has some problem concerning the applicant’s medical school, one should handle the problem critically uses the necessary skills. This will enable one in making the correct judgments. In handling this problem, first I would gather relevant information concerning the burnt school. One should first confirm that the person called is the correct person and whether the school burnt down two years ago.

In order to obtain this information, the assistant director should pay a visit to where the school was located, and visit the education department in order to find out whether the school existed. With this information, it will easier to find out if the applicant schooled in that medical school. The information gained should guide one in making judgments concerning the applicant’s letter.

Making the correct decision will affect the other personnel in the organization positively. They will be able to trust the organization, due to the fact that, its seniors investigate before making judgments. With the trust, they offer quality services willingly to the clients increasing the organization’s profitability. This is because the organization will get more clients, who will bring in more profits. Additionally, when the clients are satisfied with the services they get from the employees, bring more clients since they spread the information to other people.

As an assistant director of the medical staff, one should not judge the employees wrongly since this will make the organization lose trust of its employees. Losing the trust means losing quality services from these employees; therefore, losing clients too. As a result, the profitability will lower, and this will affect the organization negatively. It is, therefore, necessary to think critically using the necessary skills of thinking in solving a problem before making any judgments.


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