Free Development, Implementation and Evaluation of Strategies Essay Sample

The first step in development of a strategy is identification of the current situation in the area where a strategy is needed. This involves taking sometime to understand the organization's current position relative to the subject of the strategy. That is, investigating what the organization is doing today and how it is working and identifying the real facts about the current processes. By doing this, one is able to identify where the organization is doing well and where it is doing badly. Mostly, strategies are developed to help improve on the areas where an organization is doing badly.

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Hence, the next step involves identifying the ideal position where the organization what to be in regard to the strategy area (knowing where you are going). The purpose of strategy development is to assist in getting an organization in a better place. It is therefore important that an organization articulate what is it that it wants to do and how to do it. An organization can do this by developing objectives for its ideal position. A good strategy here is to involve all the members of the organization in identification of the objectives in order to build strong desires for getting to the ideal position together.

Good strategy development requires that the identified strategy be written down. By writing it down, it encourages commitment towards its achievement as well as allowing it to be shared. Writing a strategy down also facilitates easy tracking of its evolution over time and creates accountability to those who are responsible for its implementation. The last step in strategy development is identifying what is needed for achievement of what has been identified. This involves getting the necessary resources that are required such as funding, staffing, time and equipments among other. Once a strategy is set, then implementation begins.

Strategy implementation begins with allocation of the resources gathered. For every objective or activity identified in strategy development, necessary resources including time are allocated. Then all the responsible individuals start playing their roles which they have been allocated to. It is essential that continuous monitoring of strategy implementation process is done in order to identify if there are any problems and corrective measures are taken immediately. The progress of strategy implementation process should be recorded as well.

Finally, after the allocated time frame for strategy implementation is over, evaluation is conducted in order to find out the outcome(s) of the process. Evaluation involves measuring the real outcomes of the implementation process against the expected/standard outcomes. An organization ought to have prior identified the levels at which the real outcomes can be said to be positive.


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