Free Diversity Management Benefits Sony Essay Sample

Sony is an international organization that deals with electronic devices and systems. Employees in Sony come from diverse ethnic, racial cultural and religious backgrounds. The company was established in the 1945 as a result of the rising need for repairs in the electronics world. It has since after evolved to become a world renown corporation. The company has sales department distributed in most of the developed as well as in third world countries. The corporation was started as a radio repair shop and today it manufactures, distributes and sells most electronic devices in the world. Sony headquarters are located in Tokyo, Japan. The best selling among its products are laptops, TVs Cameras, and Radios .The companies’ major competitors include: Samsung and LG. The companies market continues to decline each year as a result of the stiff competition staged by its competitors. The organization is divided into five sections with each aimed at developing and enhancing specialization.

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President’s statement

‘‘As we have all witnessed in the resent past diversity in any organization affects all its arms from management to the subordinate level. People from diverse backgrounds are endowed with varying knowledge and skills. A means of incorporating all through adequate management systems will help us boost cooperation at various levels.  Diversity in management will enable the organization to adopt specialization which boosts relationships among people from different back grounds. Diverse skills and knowledge at the managerial level are important for: effective financial controls, planning, risk analysis, human resource management, priority management as well as crisis response. Diversity in skills gives any organization an upper hand and quick response ability in cases of the unexpected.

Diversity at the production and sales level is vital for attraction and retention of customers. Diversity in skills among employees will help promote: cordial relationships, response to failures and changes in machinery, quick response to customer demands and tastes, adoption of new technologies among others. At the subordinates level diversity is essential for: provision of customer care services, workers enhancement and entertainment services which are a significant part of any organization. Good customer care and reception will help promote the public perception of our industry increasing its sales and the customer base it commands”.


Sony enjoys offering services in different countries with most of its staff coming from different ethnic, racial and religious backgrounds. There is therefore need for diversity management to enhance productivity at all levels. Adoption of a new and focused diversity plan for Sony international will help it explore its potential to the fullest. The organization is currently faced with the problem of staff dissatisfaction sighting differences in race and ethnic backgrounds. As a result of demoralized staff the industry continues to lose grip on its customer base every other year. Diversity will help the industry adopt new technology, produce more competitive brands, improve on workers morale and regain customer confidence. The industry currently requires a reversal of the down ward tread it is set on and a diversity plan would be an important intervention at the time.

With regard to legal issues Sony international has been accused in corridors of justice for careless production of goods leading to fatal accidents. It is believed that one of the factors that led leading to manufacture of goods below set standards was the demoralized staff. The adoption of a new strategy through the diversity plan will help the organization reverse such trends and yield higher quality goods. The legal implications of pending lawsuits and sanctions imposed by regulating bodies continue to affect the customer links. With regard to technology, Sony lost control of its website control as a result of hacking a scenario that didn’t auger well with its customers causing some to withdraw from the organization sitting financial risks in transaction’s .An adoption of a new diversity would help Sony benefit from the following potential areas.

  • Hard working and focused  staff
  • Benefits from innovation and independent operations from different backgrounds.
  • A wide range of fields requiring electronic devices all over the world that require staff from diverse ethnic backgrounds
  • Stable markets in potential countries due to political stability

Goals and Objectives of the Diversity Plan

Current position

The industry’s current environment can be described as follows: The Company currently has diverse group of workers from all over the world. Management posts are mainly dominated by one race. There are no effective response mechanisms to employees complains and dissatisfactions. The organization’s current staff is demoralized owing to discrimination experienced at various levels. Communication mechanism is poor and not effective.

Center Mission

To recognize diversity amongst employees, and apply its advantages in improving quality of goods and services provided by the industry. The company wishes to create an all inclusive working environment where all staff feels recognized despite ethnic, cultural, religious or racial differences.

Future goals

The goal of the strategy is to is to create an all inclusive working environment: The industry is endowed with staff from different backgrounds a culture of inclusion will help boost human relations and enhance service delivery at all levels. The ultimate aim is to promote of the culture of equity and progressive employment. Such will help and turn the benefits of diversity into productivity in line with the company’s mission statement.

Specific Objectives

v  Promote staff development to create a competent workforce

v  Promote staff education in order to improve on personality and individual productivity

v  Improve communication at various levels of the organization

v  Eliminate cases of discrimination on racial, religious, cultural and ethnic background. 


v  Conduct staff training on various tools of communication in order to promote relationships at different levels: Staff trainings will be carried out at various levels to equip the staff on the advantages of accepting and incorporating diversity.  This endeavor is not time consuming and will help managers acquire knowledge regarding the staff through responses. Open forums will play an important role during and after training. This strategy will help eliminate staff complains, discrimination and boost interaction in order to  promote growth

v The second strategy will involve three aspects namely: Employment, appraisals and promotion. Employment of a diverse pool of new employees to take up some managerial posts will help eliminate discrimination. Conducting appraisals for staff both new and existing members and various managers will foster human resource management skills and promote equity. Promotion and rewarding of best performing teams: Teams should consist of people from various backgrounds.

Measurement criteria

This will be done through preparation of comprehensive reports from different approaches. With regard to an inclusive environment, conducting staff interviews and analyzing report can be used as measurement criteria. Analysis of staff record regarding academic progress can be used to measure aspects of staff development. Work quality analysis on weekly basis can be used to measure aspects of quality improvement. Observation of staff by managers and team leaders will help avail data on the significance of the trainings conducted. For strategy two based on promotion quality standards of work analyzed in percentages and based on team productivity will be used to evaluate teams viable for reward and promotion.


Sony international, like many organizations with long rooted histories, suffer diverse impacts from cultural, racial, ethnic and religious differences. There is need for a practical based diversity, management approach in order to regain its economic capabilities. Adoption of this practical diversity plan will help the organization engage competitively in business. Strict adherence to professionalism while dealing with staff will help put the corporation on an economic recovery path. The Competitive capacity of the industry can be increased through innovation resulting from diversity management.


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