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Governance model has gained significant attention in nursing because of its role in allowing nurses to control their influence and practice at work. In recent years, this model has made tremendous inroads in nursing because it promotes empowerment of nurses in their work. Institutions that apply the governance model in their activities regularly find it to be useful in managing various facets of nursing. Similarly, nurses find this model to be immensely helpful as they deliver care in the area of practices. In the governance model, I find partnership, accountability, and equity to be quiet empowering whereas ownership, motivation, and creativity are the least effective.

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Governance model has an essential role of improving staff by enhancing their decision making process. In this model, I believe that partnership between staff is a necessary factor in promoting empowerment. In addition, accountability is another critical factor that facilitates the staff empowerment process. Equally significant is the role of equity in ensuring that nurse gain empowerment in their practice. During practice, the presence of one or more of these factors will likely bolster my ability to demonstrate empowerment in areas such as decision-making. Notably, the presence of these factors will enhance my effectiveness at work. On the other hand, ownership, motivation, and creativity are the least effective tend to have little relevance to me. These factors are not likely to make me avoid practicing in an environment without them. Instead, their absence will probably make me lack some aspects of empowerment, but I will still be able to discharge my duties as a professional nurse. For instance, lack of motivation in the workplace is a setback for me as a nurse, but not a sufficient reason for me to avoid working in that environment. This is because I can still derive motivation from within myself that will keep me working.


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