Free Functions of Management Essay Sample

The position that administrators provide in planning, organizing, leading and controlling is an indispensable responsibility in any industry. A manager must organize these functions in order to achieve company goals and uphold economical gain. Setting these plans into action necessitates making groups as subordinates must be directed to complete the plan, and the plan's progress must be directed by control. Bateman and Snell say that for these practices to thrive in an effective manner, an understanding must be reached concerning the basics in which these practices are in relationship to the business structure. As earlier mentioned, Management Functions are four namely:

Planning is the foundation of the management process. The difference between an effective and ineffective manager lies in planning for the company. Planning is the logical thinking through goals and making the decision as to what needs to be accomplished in order to reach the organizations' objectives. Bateman and Snell argue that using this process, managers can plan for the future, foresee problems and implement actions to avoid challenging issues and to beat the competition. Planning is the main step in management and is important as it facilitates control, valued in decision making and in averting the collapse of business.

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Hillpoint Academy has a vision to lead the way to quality education. Staffs at Hillpoint are devoted to offering quality services and through the school's Mission and Vision Statement; Hillpoint is obligated to its principles which simplify the school's objectives and goals. We achieve quality results by undertaking what is right, respecting others, valuing leaders and taking pride in all we do. Furthermore, teamwork helps to reach our common goals. The constant use of a plan is imperative at Hillpoint.

To achieve the outlined objective in the planning procedure, organizing the company work is very vital. Organization is a matter of assigning people to duties and responsibilities that merge to develop one purpose, to realize the company goals. These goals are reached in agreement with the company's ethics and processes. Managers need to be familiar with their juniors and their capabilities in order to organize the company's most valuable resources - its employees. This is reached through administration staffing the work division, training of employees, procuring resources, and establishing the work group into a fruitful team. Allen asserts that the manager must then go over the plans with the team, breakdown the tasks into units that one person can complete; tie related jobs together in a clear well-ordered style and assign the jobs to individuals.

There is good organization at Hillpoint. The leadership here offers necessary direction for staff to realize individual success that leads to the success of the organization. The management ensures communication is open between departments to eliminate any disputes from arising. With little or no organization Hillpoint would not be where it is today.

The success an organization is determined by the excellence of leadership that is demonstrated. Allen says that "A leader can be a manager, but a manager is not necessarily a leader". Leadership is the power of influence of one individual over others to inspire actions in the direction of achieving the company goals. The people in leadership positions must be able to motivate employees to higher goals and direct themselves to the duties or responsibilities assigned during the planning process. Leadership involves the interpersonal characteristic of a manager's position that includes communication and close contact with team members. Authorizing staff to have the capability to deal with situations is a significant part of leading. 

The principal at Hillpoint motivates employees to accomplish the school goals and out-perform their rivals. As a leader, he has day to day interaction with staffs using open communication and is able to give directions to individuals, departments as well as the whole school.

The process that warranties proper implementation of plans is the controlling process. Gemmy Allen specified that 'Controlling is the final link in the functional chain of management activities and brings the functions of management cycle full circle.' This lets the standards of performance within the group to be set and communicated. Control allows for ease of delegating tasks to team members and as managers may be held accountable for the performance of subordinates, they may be wise to extend timely feedback of employee accomplishments.

Departmental consultations are held regularly at Hillpoint. At such assemblies the weekly schedules are reviewed, existing problems are addressed and/or solved as swiftly and as professionally as possible. Control is the process through which standards for performance of people and processes are set, communicated, and applied. Controls are placed on Hillpoint personnel by completion of the daily duties and observance of the school's code of conduct and rules. Superiors are given work performance appraisals that are a form of control as it links performance assessments to rewards and remedial actions. Evaluating employees is a continual process that takes place regularly within the company. 

In conclusion, the four functions of management planning, organizing, leading and controlling, assume a great worth in the success of any business every day. In all organizations, each employee's individual input to the achievement of the company is of immense impact as the company's goals wouldn't be achieved and success would not be reached. Even with room for improvement, Hillpoint has suitable functions of management in place to be a long-standing achievement.


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