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Although most managers prefer to develop their own control systems the general observation is that the systems they structure have some aspect of the proposed systems. Therefore, the general realization is that the secret is in using the available control systems and modifying them to fit within the requirements and operations of the organization. Current business world emphasizes on an approach that incorporates the inventory, finance and evaluation aspects of control within information systems. Information technology is both efficient and agile enough to allow for incorporation within any type of a company. Global operations require that operations are coordinated from a central point and can be controlled from the same point. The developments in informational technology have seen the invention of approaches that are tailor made to fit the requirements of any company including a manufacturing company.

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Inventory keeping is a very important aspect within an organization and the capacity to have access to inventories from different parts of the world in real time. The capacity to have access to inventory implies that they can spot inconsistencies in time to correct the mistakes quickly or contact the persons responsible. Companies lose a lot of revenue in improperly kept or followed up inventories. In addition, such situations create opportunities for corrupt individuals. Software can be constructed that allows individuals to key in inventories once they are received so that the responsible manager can make the verifications against other records. Such a system will ensure that managers do not have to wait for the inventories to be shipped or flown in bulk. The software will also ensure that there are records to the inventories in case there is need for verification in future. The system will also provide a huge capacity for data storage a move which can save the company room and paperwork.

Evaluation and monitoring are important tools used by managers to ensure that problems are identified earlier enough to arrest situations that can be mitigated. Without monitoring and evaluation performance cannot be effectively measured. Evaluation can be particularly difficult when operations from different parts of the world need to be done from a central point. Information system offer the solution by providing platforms with which evaluation can be done via a private network instead of incurring expense of flying evaluators. In addition, when evaluation and monitoring is done in real time it ensures that problems are identified in real time and strategies constructed for mitigating or eliminating the problem.

Finance and accounting is particularly a sensitive aspect that continuously requires the attention of professionals to ensure that the flow of finances is effectively tracked. Usually, it is important to ensure that accountants get relevant information to enable them evaluate the finances. When all the information can be sent to a central point in real time ample time can be available for the accountants for reviewing.

Information technology has promoted most aspects of organizations such as communication and the general realization is that it can also be used to optimize control systems for an organization that operates internationally. The areas of implementation require that they should be implemented with the company's objectives and goals so that needs are effectively met. Initially, companies approached control systems from certain points while conspicuously leaving out aspects that were considered lesser important. However, when the system are incorporated in a holistic manner and superimposed together with harmony the effect is that an organization gains control of most of its operations. Structuring control systems that ensure that quality is maintained in holistically is very important to ensure that reputation flows across all sections uniformly. The essence is to cover every aspect effectively.


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