Free Human-Resource Management Essay Sample

In today’s organizations, the human-resource management deals with the enhancement of a strong intellectual workforce. More than often, it focuses on the recruitment, management, and provision of direction for the employees of an organization. In addition, the human-resource department deals with organization development, performance management, employee motivation, and training. In most cases, the human-resource deals with the selection of employees who will assist the organization achieve its goals and productivity by increasing efficiency levels. With the existing gap in the employee performance in terms of productivity, it is more suitable for the human-resource department to carry out the performance improvement plan. It should involve all employees who do not meet the set targets and have not exploited their careers to full potential. As a result, these employees lack the required competency and productivity level that focuses on the achievement of the organization’s goals.  

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More than often, employees have low career satisfaction because they lack motivation and desire to grow in their jobs. Through an employee development plan, individuals identify their own personal goals and competency gaps that currently exist. As a result, they adopt techniques over time that helps them gain a clear direction and purpose in their career path. Through, the identification of employee's purpose, a suitable candidate for the purchasing operation's gap is easily identified among the existing employees. Therefore, an employee development plan is essential, as it ensures that there exists a written plan that systematically identifies and records appropriate training and development activities. The human-resource personnel manage these activities, as a way of enhancing employee’s performance levels. Above all, the development plan helps employees to carry out their duties effectively, as it ensures that, they stay focused and feel purposeful in an organization.

Training development plan is essential in supporting the performance of an employee. The outline gives a description of the objectives set by the human-resource department while carrying out the training program. It also provides assumptions under which the development plan is based on this involves the training strategies, and activities. Furthermore, a proposed development plan should give the training schedule, logistics, and the training groups among the staff who will participate in the training process. In addition, the roles and responsibilities of the personnel who prepare, conduct, and evaluate the training process. It is also essential to include the work plan and resources that are essential for the training development process. The training development plan should also have a contingency plan that caters for emergencies that are more likely to arise.

Performance Improvement Plan Worksheet 

Name of Employee:___________________________




  1. Is the employee exceeding in at least one area of performance?



  1. Does the employee exceed expectations in most areas of performance?



  1. Is the employee meeting or exceeding expectations in all areas?



  1. Is the employee one of the key contributors to the team and organization?



  1. If the employee is given corrective performance feedback, how does he or she act on it?



  1. Has the employee gotten significant performance rewards through special bonus or formal recognition?



A performance improvement plan focuses on identifying areas of skill building and opportunities. It is a formal process that is mainly used by managers and supervisors to help employees advance performance by mainly modifying their behaviors. As a result, the process seeks to regularly identify and strengthen constructive, cost-effective opportunities within an organization that will foresee an improvement in performance. Most companies use the performance improvement plan because it is efficient and objective as it ensures that there is an increase in an individual’s and organization performance. It mainly focuses on an individual’s attainment of their own performances by undertaking initiatives to modify their own behaviors. As a result, the plan sets to address performance inconsistencies that are identifiable through the routine management assessment process. Furthermore, the plan assists in identifying compliance with expected behaviors that do not meet performance expectations. The plan also ensures that the organization focus on the improvement and sustainment of the desired behavior and performance results of every staff member. In addition, the performance improvement plan seeks to provide suitable explanation of areas that need performance improvement. It also initiates action steps, which staff members are more likely to use while correcting performance, as it identifies training and other resources available to employees. Above all, it provides a timetable that outlines the target dates when an employee’s improvement is necessary.

In most cases, managers use the performance improvement plan to help redirect those employees who are not meeting departmental expectations. However, the use of the performance improvement plan falls under the discretion of the manager or supervisor. Unlike other plans, the performance improvement plan is set to help employees improve in either their performances or social relationship within the organization through corrective action. The first step in using the performance improvement plan is to list down the performances that need to be improved, for example, the number of times an individual who are not productive. Thereafter, both the manager and employee set up the levels of work performance expected in a consistent basis. Afterwards, the manager identifies and stipulates the necessary support and resources that will be provided by the organization to assist the employee improve in their productivity. As a way of monitoring the improvement performance, the manager always ensures that he/she, inform the employees on their plan to communicate the feedback. In addition, the manager should specify to the employee the necessary number of meeting time and with whom it will involve. It is also necessary for the manager to stipulate the measurements that he will use while evaluating the improvement progress. Finally, the manager should provide additional information on ways of improving and set down the possible consequences the employee will face if the performance standards set in the improvement plan are not met.

The implementation of the performance improvement plan, as a way of correcting workplace behaviors that affect the performance, relations, and productivity levels of staff has got several impacts on the organization and its goals. As an alternative way, of terminating the employment contract as a result, of low productivity. The performance improvement plan is set to progress towards employee’s commitment, motivation, and productivity that eventually result in attainment of organization’s goal. It also provides targets of goals expected of an employee, and as a result, it improves the individual’s performance levels and organization goals. It also allows the management and employees to identify improvement opportunities that eventually lead higher performance level of the organization thus, meeting their goals.      

As an equitable organization, it is always rational to offer equal employment opportunity standing for all employees. Nonetheless, the use of the performance improvement plans to check on the performance of employee's cases uncertainty on whether or not the management upholds the equal employment opportunity standing. Nonetheless, it offers an equal opportunity in the workforce as it ensures fair treatment of employees with dignity because it offers them an opportunity to change their behaviors rather than firing them. The performance improvement plan ensures that an employee’s job performances improve. This is mainly because it affects the organization’s goal. It is therefore, essential to understand that the performance improvement plan targets on offering employees’ with an equal opportunity without discrimination.


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