Free Human Resources Management and Ideology Essay Sample

Human resource management is an organization’s function, whose main focus is on carrying out recruitment of employees, management of employees’ affairs and provision of direction to all workers within the organization. Among the issues handled by human resources management include hiring of employees, ensuring safety of employees, addressing compensation issues for employees, benefits, training, development of organization, enhancing motivation and sense of belonging among employees, management of employees’ performance and dealing with the general well being of employees. While discharging the above duties and responsibilities, human resources management uses both comprehensive and strategic approach in ensuring that all workers and employees are well managed in consideration with the culture and environment of the work place. Human resources management has advanced in such away that it is nowadays a key function in ensuring that value is added to an organization through empowerment and utilization of employees’ potentials, talents and other programs that have a measurable impact on the business. In this regard, it is quite clear that effective human resources management will see employees contribute productively and efficiently to the overall direction of the organization, as well as the attainment of the main primary targets, goals and objectives of the organization.

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How Human Resources Management Aspects Work to Achieve Organization’s Primary Function

Considering human resources planning, human resources management ensures that all operations of employees are well planned and catered for in the organization’s program of activities and budget. This enables smooth running of the organization which contributes to attainment of the primary goals and objectives. A well planned budget and program of activities will incorporate aspects like training, safety, health, compensation, benefits and development programs. Training will enhance employees’ skills, expertise and ability to improve performance and contribute to attainment of the primary goals of an organization. It is evident that an organization can only achieve its key primary objectives if workers’ welfare is well taken care of. Human resources management ensures that worker benefits, salaries and other forms of compensation are fulfilled in appropriate, timely and in a manner to which an agreement was made. This aspect helps to boost the self esteem of employees and acts as a motivating factor to boost the performance of employees. Once the morale and performance of employees is high, the organization is likely to attain its primary goals and objectives as planned. Other concerns of employees that contribute to improved performance, as well as the sense of belonging include catering for the health of employees; their safety by provision of safety measures, democracy, recognitions, as well as respect of their opinions. This highly contributes to attainment of primary goals and objectives of an organization. Carrying out of recruitment exercise for new employees, professionals and skilled laborers for an organization is a key aspect that enables an organization to get employees with the skills and expertise required to contribute to the attainment of the key goals and objectives as planned. Without this process, an organization may not be able to access people who can perform various duties and responsibilities that contribute to attainment of organization’s goals and objectives. This is quite clear that all these aspects work together and support each other to ensure that an organization works towards the achievement of its key primary goals and objectives.

Considering all these aspects, it is quite clear that there are no aspects that can be considered as more important that others when it comes to their contribution to the attainment of an organizations’ key primary goals and objectives. Each and every aspect is important in its own sense, and that no one aspect can completely be replaced by another. Therefore, in my own opinion, I think that all aspects of the human resources management are equally important when it comes to their contribution in attainment of the primary goals and objective of an organization. However, I can not forget to mention that no one aspect can work alone to achieve these primary goals and objectives but rather support one another to attain these goals.

Human resources management, however, faces several challenges while discharging its duties and responsibilities. Among these challenges include resistance from various employees, challenges from the top management to approve certain programs or proposals and work load, since HRM coordinates all other departments of an organization and all affairs concerning the well being of the organization and its employees.

Optimization of Human Resources Management Role to Shape Organizational and Employee Behavior

The conduct of employees in an organization is a very important determinant of their performance and the overall attainment of the organization’s goals and objectives. The human resources management should ensure that the general behavior of employees is in accordance with the moral and ethical standards of the organization. Human resources management should shape the organization and employee behaviors through the creation of appropriate ethical standards and a code of conduct which employees are expected to adhere to. Such regulations will enlighten employees on the expected mode of behaviors and help them improve on their moral conduct for better performance. By doing so, the human resources management will be able to create good relations among employees and their seniors and at the same time enhance positive attitude of employees towards the organization. Disciplinary measures can also be put in place in order to attend to various cases of indiscipline among employees and at the same time act as a warning to employees from repeating similar offenses in future. These measures will help to attend to issues of lateness, incomplete assignments, conflicts among employees and other irresponsible behaviors that may affect the ultimate performance, and attainment of the primary goals and objectives of the organization.

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New Learning that Occurred

Human resources management is a wide area of study that incorporates numerous aspects and functions of the HRM. Before enrolling for the course, I had very little knowledge and awareness on human resources management. However, this situation has changed for me, since I enrolled for the course. Through participation in class discussions, assigned readings and own research, I have learned various new things concerning human resources management. First, I have been able to understand the key role of human resources management which is to ensure that an organization works towards the attainments, if it’s key primary goals and objectives. In this aspect, I now understand that human resources management creates and sets a direction towards which each and every organizational member is supposed to follow for purposes of realization of the common goals and objectives in place. Another new learning that occurred was on the processes or procedures through which human resources management discharges its duties and responsibilities. In this aspect, I was able to learn various processes and procedures through which HRM recruits employees, carries out training and how it manages the welfare of all of the organization’s employees. Other new learning that occurred was the new strategies and approaches employed by HRM to ensure that organization gets value from its employees through the empowerment and exploration of employees’ potential, skills as well as talents. Aspects of the human resources metrics and measurements are also among the new learning acquired during the course.

Class Activities and Incidents that Facilitated Learning

There were various class activities that facilitated the leaning process during the course. First, the class discussions were several and contributed to sharing of new skills, knowledge and enabled easy problem solving. During these discussions, I was able to learn new things concerning HRM through knowledge sharing process. Another activity that facilitated learning was practical lectures and relevant literature materials. These were the main sources of knowledge and information concerning HRM. The internet and other own research also enabled me to learn a lot on human resources management especially on the new skills and information. Practical tours to visit HRM departments in various work places were also among the key strategies that facilitated the learning process. The free interaction atmosphere, which enhanced good relations, also contributed a lot to the learning process.

Current and Future Applications and Relevancy to my Work Place

The knowledge and skills acquired in this course concerning human resources management is very relevant to my work place. I work in the department of human resources in the management of corporate affairs of employees including health, safety and insurance covers. The new learning on human resources management acquired during the course will help me discharge my responsibilities in a more appropriate, relevant and informed manner. I will use my newly acquired skills to work more effectively and enhance my efficiency while discharging my responsibilities. This will help me improve on my performance at my work place, get promoted to higher positions and contribute to the attainment of my organization’s goals and objectives. The learning is very relevant, since it incorporates the HRM aspects of safety and health of employees of an organization. I intend to apply this knowledge in my current place of work as a practical measure of my understanding in class. After I ascertain my understanding, I will strive to apply for higher positions that require intense human resources management skills than the position I am currently holding. This is because; with the newly acquired skills and expertise, I will be able to handle the requirements of the new position, if I will be considered. Meanwhile, I will apply the new learning to my current work place and show the outcomes that will truly justify my new learning. I plan to apply the new learned process of handling employees’ affairs in the areas of health, occupation and safety. I plan to create a working atmosphere that is friendly and democratic to the people I will be serving at my work place. It is this experience that will win me better deals in the field of HRM in my future career targets.

Impact on my Future career Plans and Personal Life at Home

The learning has positively influenced my personal life in a way that I appear to always apply the knowledge acquired even to my family members. In most cases, I find assuming that my family members are my employees and that I need to manage their welfare. The learning has enabled me to manage my family well in a democratic and respectful manner. I have become more responsible than before in terms of attending to the needs of my family members.

Considering my future career plans, the learning has made me realize that there are still lots of things that I need to know concerning HRM. I have learned that HRM is a very wide area of study and now challenged to enroll for more advanced HRM courses. I have decided to incorporate these ideas into my future career plans, so that I can become even more knowledgeable in this interesting field of study.


Indeed HRM is a key function of an organization that manages various aspects such as recruitment, compensation, health and aspects of employees of an organization. Therefore, the learning in these areas of study is important as it enables the learners to apply the principles of HRM in their areas of work. Personally, the course was important as it gave me motivation to strive to acquire even much more knowledge in future and apply the acquired skills in my current place of work to improve my performance. Therefore, it is clear that effective HRM contributes to a lot to attainment of the main primary targets, goals and objectives of an organization.


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