Free Importance of Delegation Essay Sample

Organizing is defined as the act of collecting and configuring resources so as to effect plans in an efficient and effective way. Delegation is defined as a process by which those in authority share their powers and divide them amongst their subordinates. Delegation is important because an individual may feel stressed and overloaded, and always there's a limited amount of work one can do no matter how hard s/he works. In this essay we will examine the importance of delegation especially in the health care system. We will also look at the relationship between delegation and empowerment and why the delegating authority should be careful when it comes to delegation and empowerment.     

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Importance of Delegation

Performance management involves those activities that ensure the company goals are met in an effective and efficient manner with focus on employees. Delegating involves working with subordinates by establishing goals and granting them authority, responsibility and maybe freedom to achieve those goals in ways they deem fit but again assessing their performance and addressing any issues that may arise. Hence when work of a delegating authority gets too much for him/her, there is a way to share his/her responsibilities.

Delegation is important especially in health care because to increase accessibility and affordable healthcare, the health care providers ought to have appropriate delegation of responsibilities. The delegating authority must therefore coordinate and supervise the delivery of services to minimize or do away with any mistakes that may occur.  Delegation knowledge thus is crucial for a successful direction of the health care team in a managed care environment. The importance of delegation can also be said that through delegation, the authority person is able to allocate some work to his/her subordinates and this will help in reducing his/her workload so that s/he can then work on the other important areas like planning. With the reduced workload, the health care profession is able to concentrate on critical issues of concern and thus be able to bring effectiveness in his/her work.

In the health care profession, every staff needs to flourish their abilities and skill so as to give the best medication to the patients. Through delegation, the subordinates get to sharpen their skills and abilities while getting a feeling of importance. They are motivated to work and give their best hence increasing the standards of health care.  Through delegation, one is able to better utilize his/her time and allows other people to showcase their skills and grow to reach their full potential in the company. Other reasons for delegation can be; that there is a lot of work and time is limited or there is no time to redo the work again and also if not done at that time, then failure could be crucial like in treatment of patients leading to working late and into weekends. They also need time to do their own stuff and relax with their families thus through delegation, they are able to achieve this.

A leader who provides a good environment on delegation and leaves his/her subordinates to do the best ensuring that the job is done can be said to empower the subordinates. The relationship hare is mutual trust and it is usually initiated by the boss and is usually after evaluating the last delegations.

Managers must be cautious when it comes to delegation and empowering their subordinates. They should measure their subordinate's achievements and be ready to have a two way feedback to iron out any mistakes. They should evaluate and ensure that the set goals are achieved and by no means should they fear to praise or criticize if goal is achieved or performance falls short of expectations.   

Delegation is a process by which authority share powers to their subordinates. It is important because an individual may feel stressed and overloaded, and always there's a limited amount of work one can do no matter how hard s/he works. In the healthcare industry it is important as it gives one time to do his own things at home as the profession is demanding hence need for delegation. Managers should be cautious as to who they are delegating to and also ensure that they do follow-ups and criticize if performance is dismal.


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