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Human resource management refers to various activities that an organization undertakes to ensure the effective utilization of its human resources. These activities entail human resource planning, staffing, performance management, and remuneration. It involves the designing and implementation of various policies and procedures that ensure a harmonious relationship at the workplace by creating a balance between the goals of an organization and the individual goals. Manpower management influences personal growth and development in the contribution to organizational development. Employee welfare management caters for the working conditions and amenities at the workplace to enhance performance. Industrial relations management oversees peace and harmony in an organization by addressing the employees’ grievances and settling disputes.

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Diversity in correction is a broad term that considers various differences among people enrolled in corrective programs. The social aspect considers race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, and physical disabilities among individuals. The knowledge and skills aspect considers an individual’s level of knowhow and experience. The values and belief aspect considers the different cultural and ideological beliefs of individuals. The personality aspect evaluates an individual’s cognitive style such as acting on intuition, the affective disposition, and the intrinsic and extrinsic motivation factors. The status aspect considers the difference in status in the community and things such as the length of service. An individual’s personal connection, such as friendship ties, is also vital in defining diversity.

Staff supervision ensures that the delegated duties are executed on time, and in the appropriate manner. The supervisor evaluates the staff output as per the assigned tasks to determine their performance and the appropriate course of action. Staff may be reshuffled, promoted, demoted, and in some cases fired based on the supervisors’ evaluation of their performance.

Staff disciplining entails the establishment and maintenance for harmonious functioning of an organization. It involves various approaches to deal with staff poor performance or unacceptable behavior as per the organization’s rules and regulations. The employee may fail to meet the expectations pertaining to a particular task due to a skill deficiency or failure to follow the job’s protocols. 


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