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I disagree with the above statement because there are many tools that have come up and are in use today due to technological advancements.  Using tools that are correct in decision making can be help in generating value this however cannot be a replacement of what experienced managers bring to the organizations in terms of value.

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These tools can only be used in such an instance whereby the manager has understanding of how the tools work and fits the situation at hand. If the manager does not have the knowledge on how the tools for analysis are to be used efficiently and effectively, then they can be said to be useless even if the situation in which they are used applies and it is right.

The statement above can work in situations that include daily, routine, or rather decisions that are mundane for example, controls of quality and cost or questions for staffing. This is because a manager who does not have enough experience at hand can learn with time due to the type of situations and with the right tools at his disposal will gain the skills and experience needed.

For operation managers, an analysis tool provides them with metric that allows comparison against other organizations to have efficiency measured for situations like cost, analysis of variances etc. In finance or accounting departments of an organization, analysis tools are by far more helpful to them than they are to managers who deal with operations of the organization.

This is due to the functions that the quantitative analysis seeks that analysis tools enable the making of decisions in the organization. Managers in accounting and finance can learn easily from the mistakes that they make by using analysis tools by doing a number of simulations. In the least, when data is entered wrongly the decisions that result may not be of the required standards.


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