Free Information Technology Q&A Essay Sample

Part 1

Management information systems are the king of managerial systems that are critical to smooth running and overseeing of an organization. A management information system does help in the provision of information that is essential to the efficient and effective administration of an association. A practical management system must involve three primary sources which include the people technology and respective information or decision making. A management information system is distinct from the rest because they are used to analyze the operational activities in a business enterprise. One of the most critical management information system is an expert system. An expert system is computer based system that has the ability to emulate the ability to make decisions of a human expert. These are systems designed to solve complex problems through reasoning regarding knowledge. They do this just like a human expert but they do not follow procedures keyed by a developer such as what happens in conditional programming. Thus, management information systems; expert systems are essential part of organizational running and management. These systems do play very pivotal roles in proper running of the various enterprises. A human expert is subjected to making errors in judgment but an expert system makes independent decisions that are not influenced at all. Expert systems are thus essential management information systems.

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Part 2

Decision support systems (DSS) are a kind of managerial support information systems that are mostly used by top management in an organization. Decision support systems help the top management to organize and conduct analysis of the information that they basically need to put into consideration in the process of making long range organizational decisions. Decision support systems do provide information on demand and has the ability to incorporate data from both the internal and external sources which makes them more practical information systems that the top management most desires in the process of running and strategizing for the organization long term objectives. Decision support systems are tailored to render assistance in particular decisions that involve the upper organizational management. Mostly, the decision support system that is used by the top management is what’s referred to as Executive Information system. This is a superior management system that has the ability to compose and render practical decisions and solutions to issue of higher weighting to the organizational smooth running and administration. Being an upper management tailored system only, it is thus critical in the development of strategic organizational options and direction.

Part 3

Amazon business is the E-commerce of choice in this case. Amazon E-commerce involves the sale of books and stationeries, electronics, clothing and many other products via the internet. The site has e-commerce at Amazon has managed to boost the growth of the organizational business and profits reasonably. Amazon has through e-commerce became the biggest general supplies online store that is accessible globally ad that has the most convenient way of doing home shopping at the click of a button without the need to be physically present at the store. E-commerce at Amazon business has thus created convenience on shopping as well as reliability due to the quick delivery more so within certain states. At Amazon, e-commerce has influenced the expansion of commerce and satisfaction of their clients’ needs in the most effective way possible. E-commerce has made quick transactions at Amazon enterprises due to the lack of need to queue at the doors of the shop like in the traditional “brick and motor” sales systems. It has moreover seen increases sales due to decentralization of warehouses that hold the organizational products. This has been influenced by the ability to either buy both online and at these outlets which has given more people room to make a buy at the same time. However, this e-commerce site is associated with risks such as making a sale but that will never be paid for which means that a client might be asked to check from another store because the current stock is already booked for sale yet it shall not be finalized.  Other risks include being vulnerable to jokers and not serious buyers.

The most used e-commerce model is B2C model; business to consumer. This is a model that sees the sale of goods and services electronically from the business enterprises to the final consumers. It involves a sale to the end consumers.

Part 4

E-commerce security is a concern in many of the online transactions. The consumers do not trust monetary transactions that lack a direct contact with an agent especially if it involves a good amount of money. To curb the security concerns, it would be better if the organizations that conduct business online came together and drafted an online transactional security policy that will defend the clients and instill confidence in the undertakings of online commerce. Through such a policy the clients will be made to believe that their online commerce dealings are secured and free from fraudulent dealings a factor that is likely to see an increase in business.

Part 5

Cyber crime is on the rise in this 21st century. Nowadays, hacking of the organizational systems has been made so easy by corrupted IT experts and involves significant losses. For example, hacking a face book network in one minute it would involve a theft of at least 26 million US dollars. Cybercrime has been on the rise and recently, the USA government security information was leaked out through the same. In addition, in Africa, the Kenyan government website was hacked by a Saudi Arabian corrupted expert and saw a loss of really significant information that the government had fed into the networks. Cybercrime is criminal and deadly.

Part 6

It is good to recommend to the grandmother an always on connection to ensure that she is not given more tasks in the process of trying to get access to the internet. Secondly, she should be shown how to simply disconnect it after use due to her fixed budget and to minimize instances of having a virus scare and identity theft. It is good to justify to the grandmother that no ill shall be done on her PCs towards instilling confidence. A simple system will be better with minimal sophistication. My recommendations would not change in case my boss asked for an ISP suggestion.

Part 7

The multimedia application that could be used in the internet is a video player. This has the platforms where one could operate downloaded videos and other compatible products. Its advantageous in that it enables the quick accessibility of videos, easy to operate and cheap to run, However, it is hard to limit usage.  

Part 8

Internet is a global platform that connects millions of computers.

Part 9

The protocols I use on daily basis include;


WAP and


I use Wi-Fi to enable me get quick access to a rooming network internet and WAP and Ethernet in cases where internet connections requires a proxy subscription.

Part 10

Networking and communications applications found at my place include;

A smart phone

A satellite radio and a pager

I use the smart phone to enable me make quick  calls and record them at a click of the button and a pager when I need to send text  messages while the satellite radio to listen to radio.


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