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Organizational behavior is the methodical and systematic study of how people in an organization behave. Organizational behavior comprise of the study of many and different methods, views and levels of analyzing. It studies how people adapt, relate, behave and react to the organizational structure. Organizational behavior interaction in the organization is affected by power, culture, units in the organization and networks made by the employees. A case analysis can be described as a process which involves the use of logical and critical thinking. Case analysis is used to make decisions, solve problems and difficult issues. It can also be used to collect information by the organization on how people behave. A case problem is an occurrence that presents a setback and dilemma in the organization.

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Case analysis of a case problem

An organization may face a problem of low output production resulting from low levels of motivation. In an organization when employees interact, many factors and situations come into play. In order to solve problems rising from low motivation, the organization should try understanding and knowing how the models cause the problems. The organization should seek to understand, direct, clarify and predict the situation. Lack of motivation in an organization can result to low output in production of services and goods. The problem may be caused by the organizational management lack of directing and controlling the employees’ behaviors and attitudes. Poor treatment of the employees can also result to low motivation which may be the cause of low output productivity.

Through the study of organizational behavior, the organization will be able to identity and recognize the importance of solving case problems in the company. Use of organizational behavior will enable the company to learn about the global perspective on factors affecting the management of the company or institution. Study of Organizational behavior will be used in case analysis to solve case problem arising from different departments. The organization is able to learn about the varied background and culture norms of the employees, and how the differences can be combined together to enhance efficient and effective work. Lack of motivation may be caused by a deficiency of incentives to the employees. Use of the incentive theory, case problems of low output in the organization can be solved. From the organizational perspective, the management should try and reward the employees in such a way that matches their goals and efforts.

Motivation in an organization can be described as the energy either external or internal that stimulates and stirs up a passion to complete certain organizational objectives .In cases of low output productivity in an organization, case analysis are used to reinforce, alter and scrutinize the methods applied to end the problem. Due to low motivation levels, the employees will have physical and emotional trauma resulting to poor performance. When the employees experience low motivational levels, they feel unwanted resulting to aggression, fretful, worry and fear hence low output production.

In order to treat the trauma, reverse the negative emotions and increase productivity, use of case analysis will enable the management to acknowledge the existing problems. The management should offer a venue that provides a secure and safe place to express their problems and feelings. Different methods can be used to solve problems arising from low motivation. Employees can write reports discussing what causes low output productivity and explain on methods and venues that can be used to solve the case problem. Use of reports is vital and useful to the organization and employees as it enables both parties to express their aims, objectives and concerns. Methods and ways forward are developed on how to improve employees’ output productivity and the incentives the organization should provide. Use of case analysis to solve case problems in an organization will enhance active participation by both the parties.


The paper has discussed how use of case analysis can be used by organizations, companies and institutions to solve employees’ low output productivity due to low motivation levels.


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