Free Investment and Risk Essay Sample

Investment and risk are the two sides of a same picture. The risk with investment is certainly a measure of concern for the investors as well as corporations as well. Financial gurus and investment professionals were in the same fact that holding a portfolio comprise on different diversifying securities will increase the overall return of the portfolio by decreasing the amount of risk association. In this section, we have to analyze the two different investment strategies from an investor view point.

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The strategy which the investor wants to take is effective when the portfolios are generating positive returns over the investment, but in this scenario all the portfolios have generated negative result with a high amount of variation and risk associated with this investment. This investor wanted to put all its money to subsequent year's portfolio. From the analysis, we have found that there are three portfolios which are somewhat better than the rest. The portfolios according to our estimation are,

Portfolio # 3 with return of -70% with standard deviation of 69.22%, Portfolio # 5, with return -76.34% with standard deviation of 66.99% and Portfolio # 6 with mean return and standard deviation of -73.48% and 69.80% respectively. The least risky asset from these 3 assets is portfolio # 5 which has a SD of 66.99% but the return on Portfolio # 3 is far more better than these two portfolios because somewhat higher return. If the investor put his money in the subsequent accounts than he may encounter heavy losses but can earn relatively good amount if he puts all his money in the portfolio # 3 if he want to earn good profit, if he is risk averse than portfolio # 5 will be the better choice for him.


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