Free Jack Welch Essay Sample

Jack Welch created a name for himself during the time that he was the CEO of General Electric. He was well known and was one of the best managers in corporate America. He came up with policies to ensure that General Electrics was at the top of the world in terms of performance. Throughout his leadership, he also had the four basic elements that motivated and guided him in everything that he undertook to do.

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The four elements were the most important, unique and hard-to-copy resources that his policies seem to have created at General Electric. One of the elements is fire. Fire indicates the enthusiasm, warmth and inspiration within a person. This is what makes each person have the self drive towards achievement of certain results. Each person's fire is unique and cannot be copied. This is because it comes from within an individual. The other element is earth. This refers to realism, practicality and materiality. In the course of performing once responsibilities, this is a very important element that each individual needs to instill in them. This is unique and hard-to-copy because the level of realism, for example, is highly dependent on one's values.

The third element is air; refers to social and intellectual capabilities. This is the ability to work with others and also, application of one's expertise at the work place. Intellectual capabilities in the mind hence cannot be copied. The capability to work with others is individual. The final element is water; relates to emotional needs and feelings. Emotions are personal and highly individual. This, therefore, means that this is a resource which is unique and cannot be copied.

However, employees are faced with certain dilemmas when implementing Jack's methods. For instance, in application of emotional needs and feelings, employees may tend to drift away from concentration on their duties at work. This is because they might end up thinking that their needs are so important that they affect their quality of work. Another dilemma is brought up by the different determined intellectual capabilities. This might make the employees' self esteem to be low and thus, their production capabilities will be too low. The final dilemma could be caused by the materiality concept. This is whereby if the material interests of the employees are too much, this could lead to fraudulent activities.

It is, therefore, important that companies that utilize the policies of Jack Welch be careful to ensure that there is no misinterpretation arising in the course of the implementation process.


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