Free Jamba Juice Company Service Design Essay Sample

Jamba Juice Company deals with production of fresh juices from different fruits. It also produces food products such as salads, breads, oatmeal, and sandwiches. Currently, Jamba Juice Company has more than 700 retail outlets spread across the United States. As much as the final services for Jamba Juice Company are tangible, and the customers can evaluate the quality of their services after using them, service quality is very important for Jamba Juice, since, delivery of its services involves face-to-face interactions between the customers and the company.

According to Arlen, customers usually pay more attention to service quality of a business, than they do, to the price charged or the quality of a product. This not only applies to intangible service providers, but it also applies to tangible service providers. A research conducted by Berry, Zeithaml, and Parasuraman revealed that, there are five main dimensions that, customers use when evaluating service quality of service providers. These dimensions include reliability, responsiveness, assurance, empathy, and tangibles. If a service provider manages to get all the five dimensions right, then it is able to gain loyalty from the customers. Below is a discussion of how Jamba Juice applies the aforementioned dimensions of service quality in its retail outlets.

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Berry, Zeithaml, and Parasuraman’s SERVQUAL model indicates that, reliability is most important dimension in ensuring achievement of service quality. Reliability involves doing the right thing, at the right time, using the right resources. Customers always want service providers who they can rely upon. Service providers need to honor service agreements made between them, and their customers. Failure to honor such agreements reduces the level of trust that, the customers have with the service provider. A service provider can achieve reliability through, creating a competent team of employees, with the ability to solve problems quickly and handle customers confidently, and ones who are conversant with all the tools and techniques of service delivery. Such as arrangement allows reliability in service delivery, even when complex orders are involved. Jamba Juice ensures reliability by ensuring that it has a competent workforce, which is capable of handling customers’ needs at any given time. Moreover, Jamba Juice ensures that, it has constant supply of all raw materials used in preparation of its juices and food products. This prevents occurrence of scenarios where, customers’ orders are not met promptly, due to lack of some raw materials used in their preparation.

Responsiveness is also an important service quality dimension. Responsiveness is the ability of a service provider to respond promptly to the needs of the customers. This involves things like, responding to customers inquiries through emails or phone call. Usually, if a service provider responds to customers’ inquiries within the shortest time possible, then the customers build their trust on the service provider very quickly. Responsiveness is also involved in the service delivery. Customers consider the time taken for them to receive a service, after making their orders. The more time the service provider takes to deliver the service, the lesser the trust from the customers.

 At Jamba Juice outlets, responsiveness to customers’ needs is very high. At the entrance of every outlet, there is always a person to welcome the customers, and direct them to their seats. Customers’ orders are taken as soon as they arrive at the retail outlets. Likewise, Jamba Juice has a policy of ensuring all customers’ inquiries are addressed within 24 hours. Usually, customers can make inquiries through Jamba Juice website, or make direct phone calls.

On the other hand, when designing service delivery process, service providers should be aware that, the services are not for them, but for the customers. Therefore, service delivery should be designed in such a way that, it is flexible enough to allow personalization of services. The process of personalization of services is known as empathy building. Customers need to feel appreciated during the service delivery process. At Jamba Juice, most of the beverages and light meals are prepared in presence of the customer. All Jamba Juice outlets are designed in such a manner that, a transparent glass separates the eating hall and the catering area. This way, once a customer gives his/her specification in an order, he/she can stand at one side of the counter, and watch as the employees prepare the beverage or the meal. This is very important in building loyalty among the customers, since they not only experience the service after it has been delivered to them, but they start experiencing it right from the preparation stage.

According to the SERVQUAl model, service providers can achieve high service quality through displaying their expertise to their customers. This assists in assuring the customers that, the service provider is competent enough in the specific area of specialization. Jamba Juice has already designed a prototype retail store, which has a classy architectural design, depicting Jamba Juice’s expertise in juice and food processing. Jamba Juice plans to adopt this architectural design in all its retail stores. Some of the features of this prototype include reflection of swirling shapes on the ceilings, counters, and floors, which evoke organic expression in the entire store; wall colors and paintings, which reflect colors of fresh fruits and vegetables; and nutrition focused graphics. Once Jamba Juice implements this architectural design in all its retail stores, it is likely to score the highest in this dimension among its customers.

Consequently, implementation of the prototype architectural design in all its retail stores will assist in improving the appearance of the Jamba Juice stores. Customers also look at the physical appearance of the work area, the employees, and equipments, when evaluating the service level of a service provider. In other words, the surrounding work place of the service provider should look attractive and neat. Through the proposed architectural design, Jamba Juice will be able to win its customers’ loyalty, through the tangibles dimension.

Currently, Jamba Juice seems to concentrate more on the assurance and tangibles dimensions. All the five dimensions are essential, but priority should be assigned in the order of importance (Thawani, n.d). Reliability and responsiveness are the most important dimensions. Therefore, as much as Jamba Juice wants to improve the physical appearance of its retail stores, it should first ensure that, its reliability and responsiveness scores among its customers are high. 


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