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Company Overview

From its beginning, COMPERT Company has always strived to provide both leading products and services when it comes to networking technologies. Behind every good company, there are the employees and statistics place COMPERT employees at more than 250 (Lero, 2010).  These engineers cum employees of COMPERT have notably put the company where it is now through their innovations of software, hardware and service product offerings that are the solution for many companies, individuals and countries' networking and technology communication woes (Prahlad, 2007, 142). In addition to the hardware and software products that COMPERT Company provides for customers, it also goes the extra mile to offer a new software called "Am Here" software to other similar start up organizations around the Japan. The "Am Here" software services are mainly based on COMPERT's long term yet globally successful business in networking products and services.

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Organizational Mission

The COMPERT's Mission is to Adapt to the cultural diversity through providing goods and services by encompassing into the Japan's technology investment.

Goals and Objectives

In the long term, after having assessed the market situation, one objective for the COMPERT Company will be ensure the provision of the products to a wider market. This will imply expansion of the physical coverage of the "Am Here" software. It goes hand in hand with establishing a commanding customer loyalty, clear competing edge against the company's competitors and creating a market command. To achieve this, the company will focus mainly on customer relations and provision of better "Am Here" software services at all times. Since the business has a technological connotation, it is also very sensitive.

Strategic Emphasis

The COMPERT's growth path along the product dimension may be viewed best from the perspectives of: (1) the product life cycle (PLC); (2) product price level; (3) diversification, and (4) product characteristics, which together provided a foundation for building SEC's unique competitive advantages. As outlined in the introduction, the company has followed a rather unique strategy and its business model is indeed one of a kind in the industry.

First, COMPERT's product development from the PLC perspective shows a clear pattern of the company following the PLC in reverse order. When it started its operation in 1971, COMPERT selected monochrome computers as its first product, even though they were already in the declining stage of the market in the advanced countries. Second, from a price-level perspective, the growth path began from products at the low end of the price range and gradually moved up in parallel with rising incomes and technological capability.

Third, regarding diversification, COMPERT Electronics initially operated with a rather simple product structure, mainly concentrating on computers and home appliances. From the early 1980s, the company began to diversify its product lines. The fourth characteristic of the product path is that COMPERT's first product choice was a commodity product that was insensitive to brand name but highly price-elastic. The above analysis is indicative of the unique approach that it has followed in its strategy towards the markets it operates in and the products that it launches.

The Organization's External Environment and Industry

The Company has started to be conscious of its environmental and social obligations as evidenced in its approach to CSR and "green policies". Many of the manufacturing facilities of the company are built on environmentally sustainable designs and the company is adopting other practices as well in this regard.

The impact of this element is certainly high because of the presence of other competitors like LG, Ben Q, IBM and COMPAQ. The competition is so fierce and intense, particularly in the emerging markets like India, where the wars between these competitors are akin to the equivalent of "cola wars" between Coke and Pepsi. To give an example, both LG and COMPERT spend huge amounts of money in Japan on sponsorship of sports events (cricket championships) and teams. Though the advent of these companies has certainly altered the landscape of sports partnerships, sometimes the rivalry is taken too far resulting in lot of bad blood between the rivals.

Organization's Distinctive Advantage

The company prides itself on its innovative approach to technology and harnessing the same for rolling out products that use cutting edge technologies like the "Am Here" software in their design and features. The technological capabilities of "Am Here" are well known and the company is especially strong on this element. The company's innovation drive is its biggest strength and the company can take pride in the fact that it is a pioneer for many of the technological innovations that it has introduced through its products in the Japan's marketplace.

COMPERT Company certainly follows good strategies in the markets it operates based on the economic size and the strength of the consumers in terms of variables like disposable income. Given the fact that the company needs high levels of disposable income from its consumers to buy the products that it makes, the company has followed a targeted marketing strategy aimed at the middle classes in the country in which it operates. Further, the company enters markets where the business cycle for the products that it sells is in the initial stages unlike the developed countries where the product lifecycle for its range of products is in the decline or the maturation phases (Lee, 2006). This strategy of entering the country where the products find a readymade market has indeed paid off.

Threats facing the Organization

The threat of substitutes is indeed high for a company like COMPERT. Given the fact that the consumer durables market is characterized by intense competition with competitors introducing products similar to those of COMPERT's with regular frequency, it is no wonder that the company needs to be on its toes to keep pace with the blistering pace of new products entry such as the introduction of "Am Here" software. Further, there are many "Am Here" products that are introduced that are the clones of the products that established brands like software- introduce in the market and this leads to a situation where the company constantly needs to innovate to be ahead of the pack (Yu, 1998). The threat of substitutes is indeed high for computer given these facts and this is one element of the Five Forces that pose a significant threat to the company. However, the buyers who switch to the substitutes are the price conscious segment and those who prefer price over quality. Hence, this puts COMPERT at an advantage over other competitors as the quality conscious customers stay loyal to the company.

Innovative Strategies to Advance to Organization's Mission

The implication here is that COMPER faced a unique set of circumstances in the 1970's and the 1980's which led to its adoption of the "reverse order" strategy. In the changed business environment of the 21st century where the WTO (World Trade Organization) regime has ushered in a new economic and trading order, the company has to take the "leap of imagination" once again. Given the fact that it has had troubled times in the recent past because of various internal and external factors, the management of the company may have to decide soon on what kind of strategy should it adopt for the changed business landscape. (Economist, 2009).

After analyzing the company in detail, it is my suggestion that the company adopt what is called a "Globalizing" (Friedman, 2005, 156) approach which means that the strategy has to be global in conception and local in execution in the markets that it services. Since the markets in the developed world have matured, it may be time for COMPERT to go global in an aggressive manner and tap the markets of what have been called the "bottom of the pyramid" This would necessitate a reorientation of its strategy and adoption of lower end pricing models (a strategy that paid off for it in its younger days).

In conclusion, one of the inputs to achievement by the company is the multiplatform approach on "Am Here" software and this particular approach capitalizes on the steady technological growth and also the growing consumer choices while at the same time trying to access the cultural content in this case.


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