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The second strategy is the best of the three because it will be able to deal with the current issue at hand. Reviewing the employees twice a year will help in increasing the performance of JVA Corp. during an economic recession. Firms are coming head to head with the reality of the need for great customer care especially in the recession. Many firms have also discovered that customer care is not limited by the customer care department but include all the employees of the firm beginning from the CEO to the tea girl or tea boy. Happy employees deliver good customer care to the customers and this is a significant achievement in making sure that the firm will not sink during the recession. Good customer care begins with quality and efficiency of work and that explains why every employee is in the process that leads to good customer care service. In fact, those firms that are able to deliver the best customer care can actually make good of this recession because as the other firms collapse to the ground and leave the market, they will take this opportunity and do even better in the market.

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Reviewing the employees twice a year will also help to make sure that the employees are as effective and efficient as possible. This will not only lead to quality improvement which will go a long way in ensuring that the firm has a good relationship with the consumers of its products and services but will also make sure that unnecessary costs will be avoided. The human resource is the best resource that a firm can ever have and this means that in all situations employee motivation must be the number one thing for a firm to consider. A twice-a-year employee review and remuneration will also come as a way to constantly remind the employees that their performance is of greatest importance to the survival of the firm. At the same time, it is a way to show them that their competent performance is not just a thing to benefit the firm but also that the firm is willing to recognize the excellent performance. The effect of this to the consumers and the society is that they will receive better services and products from the firm and because the employees being remunerated come from the same society, the economic status of the society will be improved greatly.

Every human resource manager should operate on the premise that every employee has the potential to deliver the best results as long as they are motivated towards the right direction. JVA Corp. will benefit a lot by deciding to review and remunerate its employees every six months and will receive a very big boom in its productivity and ability to exceed customer expectations.

While management theories have suggested that money is not a factor of motivation when it comes to employee management, that claim is failing the test of time in these hard economic times where everyone is looking for earning an extra dollar here and there. As such, by choosing to offer the employee remuneration twice a year, JVA Corporation will have managed to motivate its employees a lot and as a result will gain a more stable spine to push forward throughout the recession. Because this is a motivation thing, all the employees will have to be subjected to the same thing, whether they are Americans or not as well as whether they are in the US or abroad. 


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