Free Leadership and Decision-making Essay Sample

Challenges to the management team

•Poor financial report

•Low morale among the staff

•Increase in sick call

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Goals of the management team

•To improve the financial report of the orthopedic clinic

•To reduce sick call in the team

•To boost the morale of the staff

•To improve the financial report of the orthopedic clinic

•To boost morale in the staff To reduce sick call in the team

Tools for motivating the staff

•Integrated leadership

•Rewarding emotional intelligence (power of emotions)

•Respect, trust and integrity in leaders.

Tips for empowering staff

•Enrolling staff into mentorship program.

•Training of staff

Positive modeling

•Positive modeling can be used to promote emotional intelligence quotient among the staff (Reed-Woodard, 2000).

•Positive modeling is important in making employees optimistic, motivated and dedicated.

•simulation, discussions, and role playing are good alternatives of modeling (McLeod, 1989).

Ways of incorporating mentorship

•Mentorship can be used to promote dialogue among the staff and between staff and the management team

•Mentorship creates a strong relationship between the staff and the leaders

•Clearly spelt out strategies and expected outcome

•Building their trust in the management team measuring of goals

•Assessing staff job satisfaction

•Assessing patient satisfaction

•Purchase of cheaper alternative

•Reduction in cases of sick calls in the team

•Assessing the number of supplies used every month

Other management decisions to boost employee morale

•Giving employees sick leaves

•Giving employees an opportunity to participate in making decisions that would affect them.

•Staff advocacy


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