Free Management Analysis at Rockmont Precision Tooling Essay Sample

There is a problem in the organization structure of the company. Clear and transparent chains of command are lacking in this organization.


Clear organization structure helps to outline the duty of each person in the firm. Each person knows the extent to which their duties are spread. Jobs are given to the right people with the relevant qualifications. Mr. Jack is not the right officer to do the work of salary reviews. Proper employment procedures must also be followed whenever good organization structures are adhered to. In regard to this, Sam Droogen should not have been employed in the first case. Mr. Chester should never discriminate employees based on their family and personal lives. All these problems are a result of a loophole in organization structure.

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The work of employee compensation and motivation directly lies in the human resource manager’s office under Mr. Bud Daily. The human resource office must however compare notes with relevant stakeholders before any salary reviews are made. The actual duty of salary reviews and adjustment is a collective responsibility that should be carried out by parties who deal with the employees on day to day basis.

All recruitments must also follow the right merit order. Only qualified candidates should be employed through a competitive method. Mr. Rockmont did a mistake by employing Sam without following the right procedures. Such employments often become great liabilities to companies. The management must also work towards equal treatment of employees. No one should be discriminated on the basis of their age, responsibility, gender or personal live. Mr. Chester was wrong in classifying people on their personal life orientation.

New management concepts should be applied on daily basis. Daily record of work should be taken to help access a company and suggest positive changes. Such recommendations can then be used to determine salary reviews and adjustments. Mr. Jack should be commended for taking the records. 


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