Free Management and Communication Skills Essay Sample

Events management and planning is a professional area that interests me the most. By events management and planning, I am making reference to jobs and careers that has to do with the initiation, planning, organisation and management of public programs. As a matter of preference, most of these programs and events should be dedicated to the promotion of education and information technology education. For this reason, I would like to work with either governmental or non-governmental organisations, which seek to champion the welfare of the public through the promotion of information and communication technology awareness. 

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The specific job or role I would like to take up in such an organisation is event sourcing and publicity. Event sourcing deals with the search for realistic events or programs that can be organised by the company. As an outreach campaign company or organisation, it would be expected that the company would have her own client base where it normally targets for events organisation to sensitise people on various trends and innovations, which are getting associated with information technology as the days go by. However, I would like to play a central role in identifying even more of such clients in the neighbourhood and locality where I will be working. My task shall, therefore, be more of mobile task whereby I shall be moving from one institution to another – particularly early childhood schools where students do not have firmer grasps of information and communication technology. The target shall also include public services and how they can make use of information technology to achieve new purposes. 

My current target organisation is a non-governmental organisation that researches into new software, models inventive computer programs that are largely applicable in schools and public offices. For example, they come up with software that makes teaching and learning more interactive and child-centred. They have computer aided illustrated teaching sections and various kinds of games that are highly educational. For the public sector, a lot of their focus is on information system, corporate social networking and record database. Though a non-governmental organisation, the organisation is inversely a profit-making organisation in that it is made up of three major compositions. These are the research department, which is responsible for coming up with new discoveries, inventions and software; marketing and promotion (the department I would want to belong to), which is responsible for organising events to raise awareness to the products and services of the parent organisation and finally, the sales and accounts department, which is responsible for the direct sales of products and services to customers.    

My application is relevant for the marketing and promotions department for a number of reasons. First, I am a management student, who is very vast when it comes to the organisation, planning and management of events. It must be noted that the major strategy of the company to market its products is through the events management, where they get the opportunity to showcase their products and services whiles serving their immediate audience. Quite apart from my academic knowledge and experience, I also have a very good background in communication studies. This means that the task of approaching people and institutions will not be a herculean task for me at all. I shall also be interactive during the actual course of the events. Finally, I have worked in an information technology organisation before as IT technical support engineer. This means that I already have a lot of competence in information technology studies, which is the basis of the company. 


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