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In order to achieve sustainable growth enhancement of nutritional values, societal health and expandable economic growth, the company must carry on its operations in a manner likely to benefit the community. It ought to bee guided by strong commitment to integrity, environmental safety and the principle of social and corporate responsibility and wellness of people and their communities.

Guiding Principles: Heinz has formulated the following binding principles that will be used to promote and safeguard its operation in the best  industry practices These operating principles are expected to safeguard the interests of: employee’s, consumers and the community in which it operates. The company accepts that its operation will safeguard; cultural, regious boundaries. It is also expected that the interests of employees will receive full strength of action.

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H. J. Heinz Company is determined to provide superior food products and to fight against obesity in developed countries and malnutrition in less developed countries.

Nutrition in the Early Years: Heinzunderstands the role of nutrition to growth and development of a child in his early years around the globe. The InfantFeedingCenter in Italy for example, is concerned with the research on the role played by micronutrients on the nutrition of infants and their digestion roles as well. This will help parents develop proper diet requirements for their children. Plasmon; a well known product for healthy babies in Italy is made up of 100% fruit juice, lean meat with no food preservative. The quality control department monitors the movements of raw materials right from the production site to packaging and finally to shipping site. This ensures that its products use ingredients which are pure. Heinz Australia, on the other hand, uses frozen meals to improve the health standards of children.

Healthy partnerships: ensures that the health of employees and consumers  are promoted by allowing them participate in activities such as; health education, funding obesity research ,choice on exercises and creating work place programs that impacts on their health physically. Heinz has incorporated several institutes that seek to encourage nutritional practices. These institutes evaluate nutrition data in partnership with public health agencies, food and nutrition scientists, among other stakeholders in a number of countries .

The information received is shared with members of the public. For instance, Research has indicated that consumption of tomato products reduces chances of acquiring certain a type of cancer.Henz has taken this matter with a lot of concern. Their processed tomato lowers the C- reactive protein which is likelihood marker for cardiovascular disease. The company has partnered with the United States Department of Agriculture to spearhead and fund new research on the effects of lycopene and its relationships with prostate cancer and heart disease.

 This research is mainly geared towards educating the consumers on the health impact of tomatoes. Heinz has also undertaken to sensitize consumers on the benefits of taking control of their health. This is done through a program branded “We Can” initiated by National Institute of Health. The program focuses on aiding children attain and maintain healthy bodies. The wellness and health program also seeks to assist employees improve on their well being. Heinz, a silver  2009 a ward winner for the Best Employer for Healthy Lifestyles is committed to mandatory cholesterol and blood pressure screening, reduced fitness club  memberships and subsidized lunch and learn health topics.

Lifestyle Health Coaches: The Company has provided Lifestyle health coaches who educate, guides, and encourage employees willing to create positive impacts on their lifestyle. Employees are not only able to receive one to one tips on how to create food diaries but also count on calories among others. A company that has been in business for over 140 years now has acquired this tactic that has received an overwhelming response from its employees. The main hotspots of Heinz are to; make pure and healthful delicious food that enhances nourishment to consumers. The commitment to proper nutrition and wellness is also unshaken.

A plan has been established to encourage healthy mothers and infants on the role of regular prenatal health visits, encouraging healthy lifestyles and promoting private nurse attendance. This is a result of cooperation between Heinz and other corporate partners. A pre-natal  packet modeling  education material focused on pregnancy-related health tips, prenatal classes, options on  medical leave options and the a 24 hour  hotline for emergency  health services  was distributed.

The ante-natal health including brochures about adjusting to a new born baby, post delivery hiccups, immunization and weaning guidelines .Also in the brochures was the channels to be followed while enrolling new born babies in the Company’s health insurance scheme. The plan stipulates a six months maternity leave for mothers until resumption to work. During this time, the mother will be receiving uninterrupted maternity cares that will ensure her and the baby is in good health. This is a rewarding initiative that will reduce healthcare costs and create healthier and happier families up front.

Community health and Awareness: Heinz has a passion for food production in addition to making a difference in our current society. The world is today not only experiencing    population explosion with majority of children suffering from obesity in developed nations but also malnutrition in less developed nations. This is a world concern which requires a quicker and wiser intervention. This is the concern of Heinz. There is an increased rate of childhood obese.Infact, according to World Health Organization report on the level of obesity, it is estimated that approximately 300 million people are suffering from obesity. This poses a health complication risk. A condition which require a quick medical intervention. On the contrary, approximately 3.5 million aged five and below die each year due to malnutrition in less developed countries. This requires unity from public health agencies, food suppliers, consumers as well as nutrition researchers if the problem has to be eliminated ones and for all. Heinz is determined to salvage this through advancement in nutrition knowledge. The company is aiming at making these precious people live healthier and happier by manufacturing foods which are less in sugar, sodium, fats and wholesome food.  This improves nutrition thus reducing such ailments. The company through its Global Micronutrient Campaign Foundation has embarked on a worldwide campaign to sensitize consumers about nutritional food requirements, hygienic programs and nourishing children through developing and distributing micronutrients in third world countries. A 23member global team influences:  product development, shape wellness and development policies, work with licensed scientific professionals and other licensing organs with the objective to addressing nutritional knowledge in food ingredients.  The Global Health and Wellness Task Force collaborate with other advisory groups that offers a wide range of hygienic and health observations. Thus both teams (both Task Force and Heinz Global Nutrition Team) provide more alternatives to consumer’s personal diets and nutritional requirements.

Truth in Labeling; It is intended that consumers get accurate information about the ingredients nutritional composition of the products offered at the points of sale. The company through its regulatory Affairs department has taken a milestone in ensuring that product labels meet the company’s high clarity standards. The department is also mandated to ensure uniqueness in labeling specifications as per the country of operation. It ensures that all nutritional and food allergy contents are contained in the global databases. Consumers with diet restrictions a round the world can always rely on their labels to aid them decisions. Such compliance has energized our troubled consumers. There are complete and detailed catalogue of our products online meant for consumers with specific nutritional requirements to choose from.

Food Safety:  Food safety is extremely important to the company .Thus the company ensures that food is always safe for consumption. The database that is continually updated operates throughout, is used to audit the movement of tomatoes and other raw materials from the contracted farmers .It enables the company get vital information on the integrity and competence of their suppliers. The company currently has approximately 6200 suppliers that pack ingredients to more than 70 Heinz owned companies around the world. The Global Quality Management System monitors and ensures whether food safety requirements are adhered to. Proper accounting policies are followed.  A tool which helps  in ensuring full control of in and outflow of raw materials. It again helps in control of safety and performance standards of factories and suppliers. The moment food products at the factory, extensive risk measures is taken to ensure that food borne matters are eliminated. These protection devices are part of global food safety standards. The company has electronic bar code readers which detects mislabeling in products. Just as human is to error, some of our products may not be free from risks. In such situations, we may urgently call back the products or withdraw it so as not to pose risks to our esteemed customers.


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