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The person responsible for planning and controlling the tasks of a certain organization or individual plans is the manager. It is also a manager's duty to follow up the employees work and intervening when it calls for help. There are qualities that qualify a person to be a good manager. The management body of any organization is considered as the backbone of the firm and so its progress and collapsing depends greatly on the kind of management within it.  Therefore, if a firm is aiming towards lumpsum sales, there should be critical allocation of managers in the various available positions. To describe one as a good manager, the outcomes of the project he carries out talks better about him. Before one is nominated to be a manager, there are various qualities that are seen within them which qualify them for this post.

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To be a successful manager, there are various traits that one should posses.  Good and attractive physical features like health, height and the physical appearance are said to determine the personality of a Person. Good physical appearance wins the attention of people. A manager with good health will work hard and hence encourages others to work hard too. A good manager is the one who is well conversant with the area of work he is working in. being knowledgeable and competent in work qualifies the manager to give orders and influence to his subordinates. The subordinates will be following the managers' examples and therefore a manager should be someone who upholds high integrity as well as ethics and values. Someone who can not be copied does not qualify to be a manager. For success to be witnessed in any firm, it costs the initiatives of the managers within the firm. Sitting back and waiting for opportunities can never contribute to a prosperous firm. One should be aggressive and grab the chances for successful organization.

Unless initiatives are incorporated within a firm by the leaders to the subordinates, this will portray a poor management body in an organization.  A good manager should posses good and efficient communication skills. Clear and sensible explanation of his ideas to other people makes them to understand well and so efficient replies will result. Not only should the manager be a good communicator but also a good teacher, listener, counselor and persuader.  Considering the wants of other people and fulfilling the compliments one being a good manager. After learning the likes of his followers, a manager should have the capability of motivating them towards achieving their goals in life and also to satisfy their needs.         

Since the employees are following the steps of their manager, he ought to be someone who upholds self confidence even when things appear to be tougher to handle. He should show good example to the rest since he stands above them in position class. A manager should be someone who is not easily moved by other people's decisions. He should stand by his opinion even when the rest seem to challenge him. Being friendly to colleagues and the rest of the people is also a vital quality of a good manager. He should learn the various types of people's behavior and try to establish good relations with them. This enhances good and comfortable working conditions for the subordinates as well as the other staff.

It is not possible for a person to posses all these qualities. However, one can work harder towards achieving them by either through training and applying more efforts. For the best results in an organization, managers must apply skills and styles that best fits that certain position. Styles of management include the way subordinates are related to and the way of making decisions in a firm. The styles of management should be laid on the knowledge and the personality of an individual. Good harmony in work among managers of a certain organization comes from the kind of approaches they take. Therefore, good management style attracts morale, help and inspiration of good kind. Different styles will work better during different situations. There are three main management styles that can pave a soft terrain towards successful organization.

Teamwork style works better towards achieving of organizational goals. Motivating people to combine their knowledge leads to results that are beyond expectation. In teamwork, decisions are quickly achieved than when an individual tries to do it. Coordinated hard work among the staff results out as great achievements.

Directing style applies whereby it has called for the intervention of the manager. The subordinates are directed on what to do and how to do it. The deadline of the job performance is also given out by the managers without more questions.

There comes a time when the manager is forced to take part in the work being done by the subordinates. Appointing employees with certain tasks helps in enhancing their sense of being part of the organization. When every person has known their position in the organization, they will work without any supervision. If work is divided according to group, try to control every group so as every member may gain the sense of value towards the organization.

As a manager, one ought to be more careful with the kind of work they are doing. Good and efficient management contributes towards a prosperous organization. For one to be seen as a good manager, he should acquire various qualities. The main of all qualities remain to be the good relation to their subordinates. This ensures smooth running of the company. Applying styles and skills when managing a firm is also vital. The kind of styles to be applied depends on the ethics of the people involved while the skills depend on the personality of the manager. Qualified managerial team absorbs progress within a company.


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