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As the training manager for the compute house that has employed more than 250 workers in various position it is critical to consider the factors that keep the company growing and expanding for example, it is very important to not how the channels of communication are between the retail -customer service specialist in the store to on-call technical home support to all of the supporting functions of the organization. Through this way the formal way of communication is eventually enhanced. However, the computer house being an entertainment option that provides the formal mentoring programs it is essential to identify what kind of employees can act as mentors since as the training manger it is the priority to make sure that the whole program is put in to the best state of performance and that no area is lacking to function at all.

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On the other hand, there are major key players in the organization for instance Steve who is the founder mostly concentrates on the strategic growth of the organization and since he understands the value of implementing the mentor program that is aimed at improving the growth. By creating mentors this helps in assisting those who want to succeed in life therefore Steve has a perspective in trying to come up with the strategy of expanding all the powers associated with mentoring to individuals who want to be assisted to become role models in the future. As the training manager it is the obligation to share information's and national standards so as to achieve a best mentoring community within the organization that is eligible of working perfectly and effectively to productivity and expansion.

The training manager should also be in position of evaluating within the matching aspects of the people and thus helps the individuals to mentor on occurring opportunities within the organization. There is also Susan who is the floor manager and has the responsibilities of entering of the quality employees. In her view she explains that it is very difficult to find for those employs who have attained levels of performance in terms of promotion since she do not believe in recruiting of employees more often. As the good training manager it will be appropriate to approach Susan and discuss on the issues is of quality is important that the employees should be summoned and talked to concerning the matters especially that concerns the employs and performance and also the promotion criteria so that one cannot lose the best employees in the organization. As Susan says it is difficult to identify what sort of employee. Another important employee is Hores who is the technical manager in his view he thinks that is very important to adopt mentor program since it helps those people who are working as customer service to practice their skills and thus develop positive positions within given period of time. It is critical to employ such programs for they act as stepping stones to many people and thus guides them in a very mature and an experienced manner. Also since mentees are as powerful sources to success and growth.

Mentorship also helps in inspiring people to work an extra mile in order to achieve the set goals in the process of gaining more knowledge and experience that is of necessary use in the future. The training manager should work hand in hand at assisting people within the organization and thus teaching them the importance of mentorship programs since they will assist the individual and also the organization to growth and expansion.


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