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Mazey's relationship with senior management was good. He feared and respected the senior managers since he never wanted the managers to hear his nasty words. He was very keen not to expose his true character especially when the senior managers were very close. On the other hand the senior managers liked him. Even after his juniors commented negatively about him, to the senior managers, Chip Mazey was still promoted to vice president.  Mazey was surprised when his promotion was post pond for one year. He knew he had often been obedient to senior management. This is clear indication that he respected his seniors.

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Frazer decision might have affected his career negatively. From the text, we are told that investment banks had a reputation of being infested with type A-personality. Another challenge in investment banking career is to lead it upwards. Due to these challenges, Frazer career as investment banker would have been negatively challenged because of its negative reputation.

Frazer is a hardworking, understanding and intelligent gentleman. Frazer showed his understanding and intelligent character when he met Mezy for the first time. Mezy ordered Frezer to stand on a spot infront of his desk. Frezer who was an investment banker like Mazey felt an easy, since he was not happy with the way Mezy handled him. But since he understood and was intelligent, he remained calm and decided not to speak. Frazer is a hardworking person since he managed to work on multiple assignments, and reporting to different managers at the same time.

Mezy has power, managerial power. Mezy is a Vice president of the investment bank. He uses his power to mistreat his juniors. That is, Mezy openly insults and behave derogatory to his associates and analysts. Mazy mistreat is shown when he gave Jean Fenster a lot of work and expected jean to finish it within one day, a job that requires three days to complete.

Mezy uses a number of influencing tactics. He exercises his personal power as a tactic of influencing others. This is clearly seen when Mezy has the capability to act in a given way. That is, he is rude to his associates and analysts. He does not fear even his peers. Mezy has that ability to direct the behavior or actions of other associates. He gives his colleagues a lot of work and he expects them to complete within one day. Mezy has the ability to affect emotions of his juniors at work. Therefore Mezy uses all of these to influence other people.

Mezy uses referent influence tactics, that is, he uses the power from the standards he has put for his behavior. For instance, he is obedient to his senior managers. He is not corrupt and he often keeps his promises. Mezy also uses expert influence tactics. He derives this from his expertise as an investment banker. This is demonstrated when Fezer was happy when he realized that he was supposed to work with Mezy, the vice president. Mezy also applies coercive influence tactics. He influences others by use of individual power based on threats and fear. Mezy practice this type of influence by bullying and humiliating his juniors at work.  

Frezer can use legitimate influence tactics. Frezer can use his relative position and the duties of his job as a tool of influence. He can also use the information tactic that is, since Frezer is highly informed, updated with information and capable of passing the information he knows with confident and in a language that other people understands. Therefore, Frezy can use the information influence tactic very easily.

Mezy is not an effective leader. An effective leader needs to be humble, but for Mezy case, he is selfish and possessed with his own personality. Therefore he is not an effective leader. An effective leader should be non-judgmentally observant, that is, he needs to monitor his behavior and that of other workers. Mezy does not care about his own behaviors, thus he is not an effective leader. An effective leader should face and solve problems.

According to Lussier 215, a good leader needs to observe and uncover the truth. He or she is not supposed to spend a lot of time gathering unwanted extra data. He or she should get the right individuals involved, inform them about what you have observed, inform them what you intend to do at the moment, and then assist them to solve the task. For Mezy case he does not operates like this, thus he is not an effective leader.

To Frezer the management styles that are available are the avoiding turtle management style and the accommodation teddy bear conflict management style. In the avoiding turtle conflict management style, an individual is able to maintain relationships that would be negatively affected by conflict resolution. For Frezer it is good for him to use this type of conflict management, since if he confronts Mezy it will affects the working relationships.  

It is important for business managers to observe if their behavior at work pleases their colleagues. There is no need as a business leader to respect those people who are senior to you and minimize your junior colleagues. It is therefore important to treat everyone at work place the same.


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