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A leadership style is a leader's behavior and is characterized by various attributes. These include how the leader communicates with the followers, how he gets motivated and motivate the followers and how he recharges his inspiration, enthusiasm and energy.

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Communication is a fundamental pillar in leadership. It is the avenue through which the followers become aware of what is to be done. I prefer looking at communication as a tool for generation and modification of ideas and not as a way of dictating orders. This requires me to listen attentively and evaluate each ones point of view as regards an issue. My motto is 'every one has a point', at least from his own point of view. This way my followers feel free to voice their ideas and then I offer guidance in evaluating which idea is the best, be it theirs or mine. Consensus ensures acceptance of the idea decided upon.

Motivation is the force that drives us to achieve our goals. Everyone, leaders and followers alike, needs motivation at some point in life. I believe that as a leader, you can only motivate your followers if you are motivated. I am motivated by the fear of failure. The prospects of personal and monetary success also motivate me. Motivation is very crucial as it gives on the courage to walk that extra mile.

Cooperative leadership is my style of choice. I prefer letting people do what is required at their pace and concentrate on the results. Sometime I bend back to just to make my followers less remorseful when they fail. This is important in minimizing despair among followers and an important step in encouraging them.

Recharging is recovering the energy spent during working. Personally, I like taking a vocation to do some recreation. As the saying goes, all work and no play makes jack a dull boy. Rejuvenation of energy increases productivity.


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