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With the existing gap in the purchasing operations of the organization, there is a need to employ a procurement analyst to close the gap. The procurement analyst will focus on the sole aspect of purchasing and procurement of quality goods by the company. In addition, the analyst should have a general understanding of what is expected for purchase. Above all, the procurement analyst must have the ability to negotiate and communicate with clients on behalf of their company. As a result, the company will get the best quality of commodity available in the markets to satisfy and give respect to both the internal and external customers.

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In order to excel in the above-mentioned position, an individual must have the ability to analyze the forecasting future costs, historical purchasing costs for materials or finding prospective vendors. The suitable candidate should have a minimum qualification of a university degree with at least two years working experience as a procurement analyst. This will ensure that the individual has an excellent proven record of accomplishment in the procurement field. The preferable candidate must be able to multitask, besides having passionate oral and written communication skills; the individual should have strong interpersonal and negotiation skills. This will ensure that the analyst selects the best suppliers, negotiates, manages supply contracts, and develops viable business frameworks on behalf of the company.

Upon hiring, the new analyst will work together with the manufacturing departments and the materials managers to identify the material needs for the organization. In addition, the analyst will develop measures upon which to base the procurement costs, service levels, delivery times, and quality. As a result, the organization will meet its production goals and save on the costs of purchasing materials. There will be a consistency in the delivery of supplies from the best suppliers because the company will avoid incurring a lot of costs and delays. In the end the procurement analyst will ensure that quality assurance compliance set in the organization ensures the achievement of quality standards.


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