Free Organizational Culture Essay Sample

Organizational culture is the written or implicit set of values, norms, assumptions, symbols and signs incorporate by members of an organization making it distinct from others.  It describes the psychology, attitudes, experiences and behavior. It expresses the self image of an organization, describes its interaction with the outside world, inner operations, and future expectations.

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There is numerous numbers of benefits of organization culture to the organization. One of most salient reasons or objectives of an organization is growth. A strong organization culture contributes to the economic growth of an organization. For example, organizations with strong performance- oriented cultures generate relatively higher amount of revenue than the organization with weak cultural performance culture. Cultural practices such as risk taking, communication, and flexibility among others are immensely essential for financial performance.

The human capital is particularly significant for the organization. The culture of any organization affects the process of recruitment and retention. The culture of an organization determines the relationship between the organization and employees or together. Employees work comfortably where they think or feel that the culture of the organization is competent and compatible to their needs and values. Health work environment culture helps in the retention of employees and recruitment of competent ones. Such an organization records satisfactory performance than the one where with high labor turnover.

Organization culture gives the organization the required competitive advantage. Relationship between the organizations with non members is particularly essential in this case. Good customer service and terms helps to retain and attract more customers. For example, fair prices and quality services are appealing to customers. The supplier dealings and honesty culture is tremendously influential. If supported by suppliers, such an organization secures the supplies required. The government is essential equal player in organization success paying taxes on time and in the right amount, and observing rules are ensures government support to the organization.


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