Free Performance Management and Employee Services Essay Sample

Career development activities are important in an organization as it develops employees’ skills in order to maximize performance and strengthen employees’ abilities to take on broader responsibilities in the organization. A crucial responsibility of each manager is to ensure continued career development of his employees’ and form a productive workforce in these dynamic times where job requirements change on a day to day basis. Ensuring there is a continuous career development of employees has a huge strategic value in that it enhances the organization’s ability to realize its vision and mission and boost the ability of its employee’s to realize rewarding careers in the organization.            

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There are several steps that can ensure a process that leads to employee career development. Organizational needs are to be analyzed and specific training necessities should be identified. Overall organizations and individual employee training plans should be developed and lastly effective resource allocation to achieve the desired needs and generate desired gains in organizational efficiency. Moreover, the impact of training efforts should be evaluated to ensure it is productive and necessary adjustments should be made to ensure optimum returns. The organizational strategic goals and objectives should be considered and an organization should consider the strengths and weaknesses of its employees. The knowledge and skills required from the above assessment will make the basis for training decisions that follow. Training needs are determined through predicting the direction the organization is expected to take in the years to come. This will give a glimpse of what knowledge and skills would be required. The next step involves establishing if employee’s posses the essential skills to implement programs required in the anticipated organizational direction. Projected necessary skills and the current skills are examined in order to establish individual employee needs. Additional skills required for career development can be found by involving employees in career goal discussions.


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