Free Personal Classroom Management Plan Essay Sample

Personal Classroom management plans are programs prepared using individual perspectives on how a teacher manages a class. These plans are particularly significant because they enable a teacher to manage a class in the best possible manner, fitting personal approaches. This is because everyone has different ways of doing things. This paper present a personal classroom management that I would prefer using when managing a class.

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Managing a Class

I believe that striving to establish a sound relationship before anything else is extremely valuable. Therefore, presentation to the class will involve creating a first impression that is positive. This will for sure help in the future because the first impression is extremely important. In this regard, my dressing style will be of enormous concern for me. This is because the very first impression about a person is created by looking at the physical appearance of that individual. Therefore, my dressing will be modest. In addition to dress code, my presentation will shift to the way I communicate with the students in the first place. I will ensure that I communicate to the students politely and professionally. I am sure that this will aid in making them see the seriousness they need to take classes. In addition, this will induce respect between the class and me.

My conduct will also aim at ensuring that the students enjoy the classes. This will enhance their comprehension abilities and thus boost their performance. However, I will establish the boundaries within which I will operate in making the class enjoyable. This will be done deliberately to avoid the situation where other form of pleasure like laughing too much are avoided. I will also respect the need to have the spirit de corps, which requires the use enthusiasm as a way to involve students in what is taught. This effect is known to establish a feeling of togetherness. This will in turn inculcate the culture of togetherness in the class because cooperative learning will be improved. In addition, this is known to make the class more enjoyable. When these issues are considered, a class develops high levels of understanding and thus outstanding performance. Therefore, my conduct will be characterized by timely arrivals and leaving the classroom at the stipulated time. I believe that this will help students see the importance of keeping time. This will also help in avoiding time wasting and thus help students use their time properly, not only in that class but also in their entire studies.

Precautionary measures are necessary if the conduct of students is expected to be good. Therefore, establishing a well-structured set of rules and consequences together with the students is key. This will help the class to familiarize with what is expected from them and thus prepare to conduct themselves in line with the rules and consequences. I will choose to do this in collaboration with the class because this will help in developing basic rules based on discussed expectations. I believe that when the rules are set together with the students, realizable targets in terms of conduct will be set thus boosting mutual respect an at the same time creating a sense of self responsibility. Logical consequences of any deviations will also be discussed and leveraged to what the students and I agree. According to Tauber, this helps students to conduct themselves with caution and not fear since they will be aware of the responsibility laid upon them. Self-discipline will also improve thus affecting the entire process of learning positively and thus making my work easier and yielding.

I believe that an appropriate conduct in students should be induced by providing them with a schedule or a program developed in the form of a routine. This is because students are likely to engage in other issues that may be inappropriate thus affecting their learning. Therefore, using schedules makes students aware of the fact that every minute counts is highly critical in my class program. This will help them plan for the class on time and be time conscious. Time management is challenging to students because they tend to allocate more of it to non-class work. This approach will help my student manage their tie well and thus much of it.

Maintaining calm is always the first things I will give priority. Ensuring that my class is welcoming is also key in ensuring that my teaching skills are effective. Therefore, I will use both verbal and non-verbal techniques to do so. My tone will be set in a friendly manner, not too low or too high (shouting), because a moderate sound is likely to engage students with what I teach. My non-verbal skills like movement and glances will be made as friendly as possible. I believe that glancing at a student too much or moving too close may distract his or her attention thus affecting concentration. Therefore, I would observe such issues and ensure that they are done appropriately.

The immediate environment is very critical in ensuring that students conduct themselves properly. Therefore, I will ensure that the classroom climate is warm and nurturing. In this sense, I will ensure that students feel welcome. This will involve making my students feel accepted and appreciated. Therefore, I will strive to avoid any issue that would distract the classroom environment. To enable this, I will ensure that the classroom in clean and neatly arranged. This will helps in avoiding any distraction that could emanate from any stimuli from a dirty and disorganized classroom. To help student mind their conduct even more, my treatment to them will be dignified and of the highest respect.

As a teacher, I believe that student misbehavior can virtually inhibit the whole learning process in most if not all aspects. Therefore, any misbehavior by a student at any level should be handled with exceptional care. In this regard, I believe that misbehavior should be handled consistently, quickly and respectfully. Misconduct should be dealt with quickly because it can consume a lot of time when trying to solve it. Consistency in disciplining the student should be respectful and in line with the previously set consequences. Since the consequences had been set together with the students, punishing a student with the same consequences will make him or her take the punishment positively.

Although there are different forms of punishments that are acceptable, I would not choose to rush to applying one. Instead, I will choose to try redirecting the behavior. This measure will seek to suggest a different action that the student can take in place of the misbehavior. Giving such suggestions, shows a student there are other better thing they can do and gain. For instance, if happen to come across a student reading unpleasant material such as pornography or fashion magazines, I would suggest something for the student. This may be accompanied by confiscating the unwanted material and holding it for the remaining time of the class. However, I would give a suggestion to the student such as highlighting cardinal points discussed in the class handout. I believe that punishments may not solve an issue of student misconduct but can worsen the relationship between the student and teacher.

Some student behaviors can help me in teaching them better. Therefore, I will seek to ensure that their behaviors are founded on a mutual perspective. One of the methods that I believe can help me realize this is encouraging group participation. Therefore, I would opt for dividing the class into sizeable groups, to which I will be giving assignments. This will help students interact with one another thus developing the spirit of teamwork.

A competitive class is usually at a better position to develop a competitive attitude. For me, teaching is also dome alongside using quiz and igniting some debates along the way. This helps students to develop a competitive attitude; therefore, start focusing in outdoing each other in showing academic competence. However, I will consider certain modalities just to ensure all students are on board in case a class has many students. The reason behind this precaution is that the less active students may end up feeling segregated, thus destroying their self-esteem.

In conclusion, managing a class is one of the most daunting tasks that a teacher faces. Therefore, developing a personal approach schedule is critical because we do not work the same. However, ensuring that a class has appositive attitude towards the course being taught and to the teacher is paramount. A teacher needs to do this be making sure that the class conditions are conducive for all students. This because I believe that a teacher-student relationship should be cooperative meaning that learning condition should be conducive. Creating a robust code of conduct helps student and the teacher avoid mistakes. This is especially suitable for students as it helps in dealing with misbehavior. Organizing for debates and question time among students cultivates the culture of collective responsibility and fair competitions among students. I believe this boost the effectiveness of the teacher. Effective methods of tackling misbehavior are also a key component of an effective classroom management plan. In conclusion, personal class management plan should be student focused, because they are the main driving force in assessing how effective teaching is effective. Without a proper plan, a teacher and his or her student will achieve little of what they may be anticipation.


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