Free Personnel Management in Schools Essay Sample

Schools, like any other institutions, faces challenges and other issues in connection with their personnel management. There many laws regarding the various aspects of personnel management such as hiring, tenure, teacher evaluation, personnel files, due process rights, and salary and contract administration.

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There are several federal laws that affect the hiring of professional stuff. For example, the Age Discrimination in Education act of 1968, Equal Pay Act of 1963 and Civil Rights Act of 1964 which prohibits discrimination of the basis of race, gender, color, religion or national origin. Except where true occupational gender requirements exist, questions about gender, marital status and religion when hiring are not legitimate. What staff members do during non-school hours is personal business and questions about alcohol intake or drug use are illegal.

Tenure gives personnel a considerably high property interest in their jobs. The due process protects the tenure. Due process slightly varies from state to state and can be augmented by district policy or employee contracts. For every employee, the district office keeps personnel files. It contains all records related to the employee such as employee evaluations, complaints, growth plans, commendations and recommendations. 

The workers have the right to place a rebuttal in the file. Worker's compensation is another issue. The school district is entirely responsible for funding worker's compensation programs. Usually, the method of providing worker's compensation insurance is left to the discretion of the employer. Primarily, the school district's record of accomplishment with claims, determines the cost of worker's compensation.


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