Free Pipeline Project Manager Essay Sample

Project management is among the most demanding careers in the world today; this is because they require a lot of attention and expertise. Essentially, the aforementioned job or occupation is a profession that demands high skilled expertise. The manager ensures that the task, which he or she bears, is in line with the objectives of the organization. In this case, a manager’s should always be based on a task necessary to accomplish the company’s objectives. It should always be a real job that makes a clear and measurable contribution to the success of the enterprise. The job should have a broad rather than the narrow scope, and the power to make decisions. Managers should be directed and controlled by the objectives of performance rather than by their bosses. The activities that have to be performed, and the contributions that have to be made should fulfill the company’s objectives, and contribute to the achievement of the long term goals.

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A manager’s job at Kinder Morgan Energy exists because the task facing the organization requires an expert team to aid in executing these tasks. The job has to have its own powers and responsibilities; therefore, this company needs a professional to make it competitive in the demanding oil industry. In addition to the various skills that occupation needs, other personal characteristics are also considerably important. They include the ability to communicate with empathy, the desire to manage, integrity and honesty, and experience. The successful manager should have the desire to manage, influence, and have the ability to get results through the effort of the team other employees.  The manager’s job requires effort, time, energy, and usually, long hours of work. This job should always have a managerial scope and proportions. Since a manager takes responsibility for output and contributes to the final results of the company, it has many challenges, carries the maximum responsibility, and makes the maximum contribution. As a top manager, therefore, one needs to be ready to commit most of his/her time to the company; this in return results in good performance of the company.

The educational requirements of this job require a person to have a bachelor’s degree in management, preferably with a specialization in industrial management; a master’s degree in the same filed will be an added advantage. The projected salary is ranging between $65,000 - $90,000 p.a; this is inclusive of the benefits. In addition, the board of directors reviews the manager's salary in case of improved performance. The future prospects of this job are considerably promising; this is based on the fact that the company is growing and spreading out, it branches across the globe. Anyone with the desire of becoming a manager in Kinder Morgan Energy understands that this is a top management job. In this case, the top management will have the responsibility to decide what activities and tasks the enterprise requires.  

The manager’s task will entail working from the bottom up; that is, the manager takes responsibility for the overall output, fort final sale to the customer, and for the production of blueprints and engineering drawings. In conclusion, the newly placed managers will be responsible for both management and non management activities, and the resulting performance will eventually determine the entire performance of the enterprise. Subsequently, the manager’s performance is appraised, and managers, who have met their performance goals, get a reward. On the basis of this evaluation, managers and organizational development will be initiated. Consequently, appraisal will become the basis for promotion, demotion, replacement, and retirement decisions.


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