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Polarity can be referred using various names such as dilemmas or paradoxes. It describes those problems that do not have solutions, but can only be managed for the business to operate effectively. Examples of polarity may include the basic human needs for inhale and exhale of oxygen and carbon dioxide respectively. No human being can do without this and the process must be held with a healthy balance. For survival purposes, human beings must manage the two poles of oxygen versus carbon dioxide. Polarities have been proved of having inherent powers and business leaders who manage polarity outdo others in business long-term and short-term processes. Businesses are left in dilemma because it’s either they plan for stability and forget about change or strive hard for change and ignore everything to do with stability. The two opposing forces are in great need of each other for the chances of business survival.

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Polarity management is a problem by definition or an issue demanding for a solution. The objective of a problem is to come up with a solution for the existing situation and progress to new reality with no turning back. When used at the right time and place polarity management can be a very strong tool. The trick is to know where to use the tool and when. It is widely used in ongoing difficulty where the two poles are interdependent. If one of the employee is caught stealing, he/she can be arrested or fired immediately, but this does not qualify to be a polarity to manage. In the Hilton Hotel New York, the work group’s synergy could not be maximized and the individuals felt that they were not receiving the kind of recognition they deserved. In such a case, there is a polarity problem to be managed. As opposed to the belief of many companies that shifting to team work will solve polarity problems, they aren’t the answer for everything. This is because when they focus on the individual there emerge individual initiative and creativity, a spirit of entrepreneurism, fewer individual freedom and meetings. If they choose to focus on the individual, then there is a problem. Leaders should learn how to manage polarity by turning the problem into creative energy, which can result in comfort and changed ideas.

The map below represents two poles, i.e. cost and quality.

During preparation for the meeting, the best way to plan for discussion is to allow for all the individual units to air their points of view. Then, taking opposite views to form a team would be another idea. Polarity management assists in making use of the best side of different points of view and avoiding shortcomings. It also enables all the individuals to form a team, which spearheads the management process. Polarity management will also bring about balance of all poles by avoiding isolation of any individual or idea. The inclusion of opposite poles in polarity management reduces tension and disagreements in the team.

The most problem with many organizations is that they emphasize their focus on a particular single pole. This results to getting its negative side and if emphasized for long, they get downside of all the poles. Polarity management enables establishments to identify the polarities, which need to be addressed. It also helps describe the polarity in two poles and come up with the pros and cons of each pole. Polarity management comes up with a promising balance of tradition-bearing tasks and crusading. Individual leaders and teams are able to take action to emphasize on the advantages of all the poles while avoiding limitations of each.

Polarity maps lays down the structure of how a problem can be managed in all aspects. It outlines the positive and negative approaches to a situation showing precautionary measures of each. Groups are able to work as a team and select an appropriate cell or quarter of the map in which they can succeed in managing the polarities facing them. These maps are designed in a way that they can be used as a reference point as well as a checklist by the group’s endeavor to manage polarities. During polarity management planning, polarity maps are used to set goals and objectives as well as acting as the mission of the relevant groups.

Both cost and quality poles require special attention in such a way that customers will only be loyal to those establishments that offer quality services. Customers will also be loyal to those establishments that offer their services at a lower price than others. Therefore, both need to be addressed together as a team and learn how to manage them. Quality services will require high price and this might keep away some customers whereas low price will attract more customers and vice versa is true. Management of both poles brings about harmony and organizational growth resulting to increased business.


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