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Tough economic times have made job applicants to work hard in order to earn an interview or secure a job. Job seekers have to market themselves better and use the latest techniques in job hunting and further more broaden their possible range of employers. The social media has become a tool with which employers use to scrutinize potential employees. The internet has become important as it offers enormous amounts of information not only to job hunters but also to employers and already employed individuals. It has enabled users to create a huge contact database where employers and employees share information that leads to recommendations and possible employment for job seekers. The social media tool is also becoming a career development platform where professionals share credible information about different topics.

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There is also need for employees to keep adapting and upgrading their skills in order to cope with the ever changing working environment. Individuals will also have to invest more in their personal social capital which involves building a small group with whom they have expertise in common, a big ideas crowd with whom they can keep mentally fresh and finally a regenerative community with whom they can maintain their emotional capital.

Collaborative workspaces commonly known as hubs have come in handy to ensure that the huge numbers of people who work at home do not get isolated. With the changing times, it is important for employees to take responsibility for their own future. Every person is required to determined, energetic and more thoughtful in exercising the choices available.Though mostly found in the public sector, trade unions play an important role in championing and safeguarding the rights of its members. Employees face many difficulties ranging from poor work conditions to poor payment which can be considered a breach of their rights.


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