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Agile methods are contemporary software engineering approaches based on customer collaboration, teamwork, iterative development, and people, process, and technology adaptable to change. They should be used in interrelated entities of relationship in a case diagram. Agile methods are simple and easy to interpret unlike the engineering development methods.

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Traditional methods are software engineering approaches based on highly structured project plans, exhaustive documentation, and extremely rigid processes designed to minimize change. Agile methods are a de-evolution of management thought predating the industrial revolution and use craft industry principles like artisans creating made-to-order items for individual customers. Traditional methods represent the amalgamation of management thought over the last century and use scientific management principles such as efficient production of items for mass markets.

Agile methods are new product development processes that have the ability to bring innovative products to market quickly and inexpensively on complex projects with ill-defined requirements. Traditional methods resemble manufacturing processes that have the ability to economically and efficiently produce high quality products on projects with stable and well-defined requirements.


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