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The lack of an adequate internal control system has led Zuli salon to be faced with the problems like: inadequate inventory control, poor cash management and poor customer relationship management. Thus, the installation of a computerized system will definitely yield fruit for the salon’s daily business operations. The computerised system eliminate the current problem in that it will ensure accuracy and reliability of inventory and cash In addition, the integrity of salon employees will be improved because the system since employees will only access the system after inputting their passwords and this will enable traceability of all salon transactions.

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Thus it is no dispute that the salon needs a system that can maintain the accuracy and orderliness of bookings to mitigate potential for clerical errors and confusion due to the paper booking system. Proper research on the requirements of the salon will enable one to obtain several software alternatives to the problem at hand. The right software alternative should be in a position to provide the most functions at the lowest cost. The feasibility of the above software can be viewed under technical, economic and operational feasibility terms.

The implementation of the new system is expected to take no less than three weeks in moving the manual record keeping system into the new computerized software. This process of implementation can be broken down into various steps like pre installation, the set-up, of the new system, data conversion, training on the new system, pre implementation and finally the implementation.  Other troubleshooting and problems that may arise with time are bound to be solved since management should be trained enough to handle most problems on their own. However, in case an emergency occurs, the most recent back up can be used until the problem is fixed.


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