Free Proper Management of an Organization Essay Sample

Proper management of an organization is very important for it determines the overall performance, service delivery and ultimately the results. Effective data and information management and communication as well as storage are equally important. Traditionally, organizations were managed manually and this system had numerous demerits. Among others, this system resulted to unnecessary duplication of data, data redundancy, difficulties were also experienced during update of records, accidental omissions and transcription errors and it also took quite a long time to locate specific records among other disadvantages experienced with manual/traditional data management methods. However, with integration of Information Technology and/or embracing Information Technology in management a great deal of progress has been witnessed. Managing organizations have become easier because Information Technology has become a very important tool for enhancing the operations and ensures faster service delivery. For instance, communication involving data transfer, graphics and voice is faster, punctual and data integrity is less compromised among other merits of Integration of Information Technology in management. This essay seeks address the following issues pertaining to a specific organization:

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Describing and discussing an organization from the perspective of its current (unclassified) Information Technology operating technology (or the Information Technology, technology provides its internal or external customers).

Discussing Information Technology’s deployment, its effectiveness and contribution to organizational or customer success.

Discussing dominant Information Technology strategies and tactics.

Describing and discussing technological barriers to, as well as circumstances which may foster, continued Information Technology success and organizational contribution.

Lastly the essay will focus on the most immediate and important Information Technology or Information Technology management changes that need to be undertaken by newly appointed CIO or other Information Technology unit senior manager to enhance productivity of an organization.

Information technology enables an organization to smoothly run its day to day activities. The integration of information technology in running the businesses of an organization leads to a more efficient communication for the staff working within the organization, communication between other external collaborating organizations or even interacting with its customers. In addition, networking facilitated by information technology enables an organization to reach its customers more easily and without any barrier such as physical distance. Furthermore the organization is able to open up its wings globally because information technology facilitates interaction between the staff and managers working in different branches of the same organization. However, to achieve this organization needs to employ different applications that come with information technology such as the use of information systems and networking among others. Organizations may also need to train the staff to be able to cope with the new system for maximum productivity. This training will also enable the staff to gain confidence and be able to embrace the changes that comes with integrating information technology in organization’s activities.

Secondly, since all organization’s dream is to retain the old customers as it endeavors to win new ones, the adoption of information technology in an organization goes a long way in enhancing the quality of service delivered to customers and this encourages the customers to keep relying on the organization. In addition, the organization can not survive without collaborating with suppliers and for this reason information technology comes in with a handy solution by enhancing this interaction often referred to as e-business. This means that through the use of information technology the organization is able to conduct its businesses online thus saving on time and travel expenses which in return maximizes profitability and moreover,  customers are able to access the products online no matter the distance. In addition e-marketing which have also been facilitated by information technology makes it possible for the organization to market its products online and this promotes business and also increases the power of the company to compete with other companies.   

Any organization focuses on realizing dominant Information Technology strategies and tactics that would enhance its customer care and in return increase its overall profitability. According to Robert F. Lusch, Stephen L. Vargo in his book the service-dominant logic of marketing: dialog, debate, and directions, the advancement in telecommunication technology and also computing have greatly enhanced mobilization and firms can in return have more transactions with customers, the writer also argues that integration of information technology suddenly changed the economic system. Gradual development of information technology has impacted positively to the organization and this technology has enabled the companies generate, process and transfer information. This has been made possible through the use of the internet, the use of supply chain management networks, wireless connectivity and also information mining tools among others. Introduction of information technology have also come up with business forecasting strategies and also come up with ways of establishing the needs of their customers. Among other strategies and tactics the organization’s greatest area of focus in modern days is to ensure that is can offer its services online. In addition, another strategy for effective service delivery the organization will also need to come up with ways of managing it databases using an information system. This database management system will ensure sharing of the company’s database and this in return leads to faster customer service. Furthermore, the database management system will ensure faster update of records together with enforcing data integrity. Thirdly, the organization will have to consider embracing the use of electronic money transfer such as the use of smartcards which will enhance access to customers.

Although information technology has come with numerous solutions to service delivery in an organization, it is evident that it has always been faced with technological barriers as well as circumstances which foster its continued success and organizational contributions. For instance, Kathryn A. Agard in Leadership in nonprofit organizations: a reference handbook, Volume 2 argues that the issue of training the staff in order to enable the cope with the new technological changes plays a great role in hindering success of information technology in an organization. She notes that very little time is set aside for staff training and these negatively affects service delivery. Lack of adequate expertise leads to lack of confidence and kills the morale hence decreasing service delivery among the staff. Secondly, the economic implications related to the initial instillation of an information system are another barrier that may foster the success of information system in an organization. In addition, information technology reduces the chances or the time for physical interaction among the staff members and also between the staff and the customers. Moreover, the use of technology denies the staff members the opportunity to socialize and leads to some staff members tending to be against the introduction or success of information technology in an organization.  Furthermore, staff members with little or no expertise at all may resist the technology for fear of job displacement or replacement which also hinders the success of information technology. Other organizations which collaborate with the organization may not have embraced of fully implemented information technology and this may hinder successful interaction between the two organizations.


In conclusion, as a new CIO or a senior of an organization there are several key aspects of information technology that I may need to address to address the various challenges facing the organization. I may also to make some adjustments to some issues including boosting the marketing strategies by enhancing the use of electronic media and the internet for instance embracing the use of the latest social interaction sites such as face book, twitter and the rest. In addition, the implantation of e-business and in particular enhancing the use of smart cards, ATMs and any other means that would promote e-service deliver would be very important factor to put into consideration. I would also allow for enough time to train the staff on all technological advancement which would go along way in motivating the hence enhancing service delivery. 


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