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Data networking is a significant aspect of computer science. It is made up of various hardware modules and computers that are linked through communication systems, which facilitate distribution of data and resources. The quality of service is concerned with several linked features of computer networks, which enable the transfer of traffic with particular necessities. Quality of service makes it possible for network administrators to utilize available resources properly. They can offer high quality services without necessarily enlarging their networks.

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Quality of service can greatly be achieved through installation of non shared communication links. For instance, two computers can be linked through a cable. Despite its effectiveness, quality of service may sometimes be degraded in the following circumstances. First, shared network connections that are composed of more than two devices have to compete for a similar communication link. Secondly, the quality of services may be impacted on by setbacks stemming from networking equipment. For instance, lack of capacity to process huge loads. Thirdly, distance may also corrupt the quality of service.

These obstacles culminate into network congestion. Network congestion is one of the hitches that usually arise in the networks especially when a data transmission node is overloaded. Besides this, some network congestions stem from overflowing queues. In this case, a link becomes less effective since its efficiency deteriorates considerably when it is overstretched with data. Network congestions are usually characterized with packet loss, and new connections may also be intercepted. These situations can be handled as follows.

Congestion management systems can be employed in mitigating congestion when it arises. For instance, end system flow management can be used to solve this problem. Although it is not regarded as a congestion control mechanism, it can stop the dispatcher from overrunning the recipient’s buffer. Network blockage control is another viable approach. In this method, end scheme strangle back with an aim of preventing networking jamming. Network –based jamming prevention is also applicable in this context. In this mechanism, a router identifies potential overcrowding, and it tries to slowdown dispatchers before blocking queues. Lastly, resource allocation is a rather complicated approach that can help in clearing network congestion by jamming excess traffic that cannot be handled by the network capacity.


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