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Good management in every business is vital for its success. Burger king restaurant in Kuwait being one of the business enterprises, good management should exist to improves its revenue collection and profit margin. This can only be achieved if quality control and restaurant experience for its customers are improved through good Burger king restaurant management. Due to stiff competition in Kuwait restaurant, Burger king restaurant has embarked on management strategies that will enable Burger king restaurant to offer high quality and exceptional services which will attract more customers.  The paper is aimed at exploring various strategies that the Burger king restaurant have to consider to improve its standards such that it has competitive advantage over its competitors. This imply it keep its present customers  and make them royal to it and move a step further to attract more customers from other restaurant, hence increasing its revenue collection as well as its profit margin.

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Burger king restaurant management strategies.

Burger king restaurant has categorized it management strategies into three broad categories that is floor, kitchen and administration management in order to fully improve its standards.

Burger king floor management

This is the most important category in a restaurant management since the level involves managing staff and the dining  where customer receive their services hence  direct contact to the customers. The Burger king restaurant has set the strategies to ensure its staff follows the service standards, health and safety regulations. The management has embarked on strategies to look after and guides the personal well-being of the staff as a means to motivate them so as in return they can give the best services to the customers. Dining has also direct contact to customers. Every customer has a desire to be served in a clean environment, therefore it is important to ensure burger king restaurant dining room is clean which will be conducted at night after closing time. Cleanliness also have an Important effect upon the burger king restaurant.

A spotless restaurant will create an environment for positive staff habit thus making them more organized, neater and clearner in their job and the areas of effect. Live music should also be considered in the floor management of the Burge king restaurant. Music generated throughout the restaurant create an interest, drawing customers back after into the lounge after dining. Most customers will be getting entertainment as they wait to be served so they will not mind staying longer time waiting to be served. In addition to this live music will also attracts the customers for the lounge and bar business, usually late at night, it is therefore important to make sure that the music played in burger king restaurant are consistent with the restaurant atmosphere. Some music may turn away some customers rather than attracting them, it is therefore important to consider Burger king restaurant have the right group or band.

Burger king restaurant kitchen management.

Managing the place where the food are prepared and the staff working in the kitchen is also vital for the Burger king restaurant. Good management Burger king restaurant ensures that high quality food are cooked. Bugler king restaurant kitchen is in closed environment; hence the staff may become bored or tired from the work. Without proper management, this often results in an inconsistent food product.

Burger king restaurant administration management

Administration management in burger king restaurant will embark on stock controlling, scheduling rotations, budgeting the labor cost, balancing cost and profit according to seasonality, surveying and hiring staff, and maintenance of commercial kitchen equipment. In order to cut cost and maximize the profit the Burger king restaurant should computerize most the activities that are carried out in administration docket. Computerization reduces tedious work of stock taking manually which demands more accountant staff. Computers are also accurate if it is fed by the correct information, hence through computerization risk encountered though inaccuracy will ultimately be minimized.


Good management in every business is vital for its success. The failure or success of the business enterprises rely on the credibility of management team. This paper has categorized burger king restaurant management strategies into three categories in order to touch every sector of economy hence maximizing its profit margin. The categories include; floor management that deals with dining and the servers, the kitchen management which ensures quality food are offered and the administration management which checks administration activities such as stock taking and balancing cost and profits.


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