Free ROWE Program at Best Buy Essay Sample

The culture of Best Buy is very interesting since it is result-oriented. The company has ensured that all company’s employees work at their convenience. This has helped most of the workers considerably. Jannifer Janssen, for example, works in the finance department, but she is usually up and down running her own errands and working whenever she is eager to. This kind of culture applies to all employees of the company.

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Initially, the employees used to make use of time clocks when coming in and going out of the office. This is now in the past. The workers work at their own pace and time now. The company has decided to put more emphasize on the production and results. The culture of the company is meant for people who are serious about what they do. This kind of working schedule has assisted many families to spend more time together that was not the case before. The manager makes use of pagers incase there is an emergency or something that needs urgent attention. The worker’s morale has increased since this kind of method is employed.

Discuss the approach to organizational change that the ROWE program illustrates?

The approach to an organizational change that ROWE depicts is very positive. Many employees comment that even if they are paid more elsewhere, they will not quit this job. This is because they have freedom of their own. Nobody tells any body what to do. Pagers are used in case of the emergency. Hence, the need to be present at the office is not very important. Jansen has changed her email from spoken to written. This enables her to work without any problems wherever she is.

Relationships have improved greatly as opposed to the office ones. In the organization, everybody is doing what is good for him or her. Initially it seems that there is some kind of bonding amongst the workers because we see how they are teasing one another in the cafeteria. This does not happen any more as people eat at different places.

Making people free and giving them freedom to work at their comforts has been emphasized greatly. The workers place cards on their lockers that indicate where they might be at a particular day. Therefore, finding those members who are not in the office is usually very easy. Attending meetings has become something of the past as very few are held.

Discuss the resistance, both organization and individual that the ROWE program had to overcome?

Moreover, the new program has caused a resistance. Managers have stated that some individuals should be managed differently from others. Thompson defies the orders and tells the managers that the workers should have a time schedule of how to work. Some individuals like Demise Lamere are the first people to come in the office and the last one to leave it.

This has affected employees adversely. Other individuals sneak from home in the morning in order to avoid being told to share the breakfast. This is not considered to be a problem for them anymore. They may now enjoy spending time with the family while working. The management had in the past a strong working ethics which seemed to affect even the management itself. Workers were controlled like children and informed to follow the schedule strictly. All these facts have given more reasons for the new change.

Discuss the sources of stress that are apparent in the case?

There are many sources that cause stress especially after the implementation of the program. It was hard to breastfeed while working. It has become possible now to be pregnant and still attend your job. Another factor that gives stress is that husbands or wives are denied the chance to stay with their families back at home. The manager has also had hard time tracing any person in the office in the morning. Due to the absence of the cards individuals are in a position not to be found by the management when such a need arises.

The new working order does not concern all the members because those who work in the legal department are required to stay at their places because of the lower rates of the productivity confirmed by attorneys. Delays in the work have proved to cause stress as well.

Discuss whether or not the organizational culture has helped with the change?

Organizational culture has greatly helped with the change. Hence it is true that the culture of the organization was there first blue print that showed what was going to happen and how it was going to happen. Since all workers have been assigned some duties then it will be their own prerogative to decide how and when to perform the given tasks. Forcing people to work normally and then making some changes as seen in the case of ROWE is essential because when the workers feel assisted they will not forget but reciprocate. The workers give information about themselves like where they will be at leisure or where they will be working. By so doing they are traced easily by others when they are needed.


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