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Recruitment, selection, conducting performance appraisal and motivation of employees are some of the main tasks of management. The process of recruitment of staff requires an analysis of the job that the potential employee is required to do, as well as understanding the availability of people with the required skills.  The human resource planning processes critical since it ensures that the organization has adequate staff with the skills required, knowledge and abilities to cost-effectively produce the goods and services required to for the success of the organization. Finding employees to fill job spaces can be challenging and methods such as word-of-mouth and headhunting are may be used. Analysis of that type of job and writing the job specifications so that the potential employees can adequately be screened will be my first step for the supervisor of Green Corporation.

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After a careful analysis with a view to planning for employment, it was found that Green Corporation needed a total of sixty two employees will be needed to effectively clean the corporation's ten waiting areas. Of the sixty employees, 20 will be part-time employees and will be charged with the task of ensuring that fast and effective cleaning is done the visitors in the park are higher that the daily average. In addition they will be required to relief the full-time employees when they are sick or on any other form of leave. Forty employees will work on full-time basis in groups of four, each group working on one waiting area. From the part-time employees, pairs will be assigned to each of the 10 waiting areas. The role of the two remaining of the 60 the workers will be coordinate the cleaning of all the areas, ensuring that cleaning  materials are collected by the various groups on time, and that the cleaning timetable is strictly adhered to. They will also be required to reports on cleaned areas and areas that need cleaning.

Owing to the fact that the jobs available in the corporation do not require technical skills, the process finding candidates for screening may involve word-of -mouth, advertisement using a local newspaper or headhunting. Acquiring the best applicants can be a huge advantage to the organization, but hiring less than the best can result in enormous disruption, reduced productivity, sour interpersonal relations and interruptions to teamwork, customer service problems and long term costs (Compton and Nankervis 3). The selection process used should ensure that the most suitable candidates for the jobs are selected. Upon receiving applications, the suitable candidates are short listed and invited for interviews.

Conducting an interview for the candidates, even if informal will provide the greatest amount of information on the candidates. Behavior description interview will be the most appropriate since it will give information on whether the candidate has had prior experiences that relate to the job he is seeking.  In the interview process, some of the most important factors in the organization are referred to. In reference to Kaila, an interview selection procedure is designed to predict future job performance on the based on the applicant's oral responses to oral inquiries. What the company is seeking in know if the candidate has the requisite knowledge, skills and abilities to meet the demands of the job. The candidates will be prescreened through the application form, to ensure that the prospective candidate meets the requirements for the job. Candidates may be rejected at this level if they do not meet the requirements. 

The two employees who will take up coordination roles will be required to have logistical skills in order to effectively facilitate their work. Availability, punctuality, discipline and clear observation of instructions are the main factors that relate to the company that we shall be looking for. Due to the fact that the 20 employees will be working in shifts and sometimes at night closeness of their residence to the amusement park will be necessary. The most suitable candidate will be selected using a combination of methods which involve rating of the candidates from acceptable, to non- acceptable following the prevailing reasons. The selected persons are then offered employment and asked to negotiate the terms and conditions for the position. If they agree to abide by the conditions of employment set by the company, they are then employed.

Once employees join an organization, they are faced with various challenges and they will need motivational initiatives by the company to not only retain them, but also to improve their productivity.  Indisputably, motivation has great power that can transform an organization's performance. It has been argued that motivation of employees is critical in order to realize improved conditions of work. As a motivational tool, the laws of the organization shall provide that individuals working on part-time basis be eligible to apply for full-time opportunities when they arise. Part-time work will also be considered against the time that an employee has worked, when they are being considered for promotion, or a pay rise. 

The advantages to the organization that accrue to motivation of employees are: promotion of good relation; good image of the organization; increased morality; proper use of human resources; is helpful in achieving organizational goals; results in high level of performance and low employee turnover and absenteeism and promotion of organizational change. The Green Corporation will seek to motivate its employees with these goals in focus. To achieve this goal for the organization, as the cleaning supervisor, I will exhibit motivational leadership. The leadership should show an effort to meet the employees' needs as the employees work to meet company objectives.  Robbins and Coulter motivation process shows that when a person gives a good work performance, there is some need lurking in the in the background which is continuously exerting pressure on him, hence the need to continuously motivate that person. Interestingly, various examinations have shown that job satisfaction and job motivation are all separate variables and relate in different ways; and the inter-relationship was positively and significantly correlated in the organization.

The cleaners of Green Corporation waiting areas will be provided with cleaning equipment and devices, such as overalls, gloves and machines that will promote efficiency in their work that will ensure their safety in the process of cleaning. They will also have access to the medical programs of the organization. In addition twice in a year on pre-determined days, a determined number of relatives of each of the employees will have a fun day in the amusement park. This is aimed at delighting the employees and making them proud to be associated with the company they work for. With the consent of company management, rewards will be given to the group of four cleaning a waiting area that will consistently over a determined period of time offer the best cleaning service. Promotions to supervisory roles will be considered for individuals who offer distinguished service. To ensure that the company is selecting the needs will delight the employees the most, occasional evaluations and getting feedback from the employees, and necessary action will be taken based on the results.

In addition to the motivation programs, appraisal programs will also be useful in determining the individual and group performance of employees. Workers in most organizations view appraisals as a means of increasing compensation. However, it has been argued that, performance appraisals should be aimed at: providing feedback to employees on how they are fulfilling their responsibilities; helps in identifying with a potential for promotions in the future; act as a basis for determining pay rise for the employees; as a tool of communication between the supervisors and employees on job performance, and identifying the need for training in employees. The Green Corporation will seek to use employee appraisal techniques that will enhance a good rapport between the employees and the management. Monthly and quarterly appraisals will be conducted for the employees and feedback delivered to them in order for those performing dismally to improve and those that are doing relatively well to be rewarded. When feedback on the actual results achieved and the progress made is given, it has been noted,  performance appraisal often serves as a stimulus to higher performance, since needs are  identified and the employee is provided with a sense of direction and gains better job satisfaction. Giving negative feedback is equally important to the employee as to the organization since strategies for improvement will be developed.

The performance appraisal methods shall consist of use of checklists to ensure that the employees report to work on time; behaviorally anchored rating scales, which includes how the employee relates with the team and responds to management; and most importantly, management by objectives. I believe that setting goals with the employee makes them feel part of the organizational process, hence motivates them to perform their duties effectively.

In conclusion, for a company to realize its objectives, the management processes of recruitment, motivation and appraisal should be performed with critical consideration of the goals and objectives of the company. Considering the fact that employees are the most valuable asset to the organization, utmost carefulness should be taken in their management to ensure that all negative avoidable factors do not limit their productivity.


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