Free Talent and Performance Management Essay Sample

My personal perspective is that natural talents as well as nurtured talents can make good performers.A person, one who has talent is able to perform without trying hard. In fact it is a power that an individual is born with. According to different research studies and theories, i.e. Maslow's hierarchy of needs  and Social-Cognitive theories defines that an individual act purposely with his/her intentions and he/she naturally want to have power over things and Self-actualization in Maslow’s theory of needs defines willingness of people this forms the foundation of the apparent need for self-actualization and the level of necessity refers to what people’s full latent is and realizing that latent.

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He defines this aspiration as the willingness to turn out to be more and more what people are what they want to be. On the other hand in today’s world it is believed that talent can be nurtured and a person can become a great performer. Evidences prove that talented people still have to wok very hard if they want to be great performers and people without talent can become enormously good performers even if they do not have natural talent, but it is not possible without great will power and self-control. 

Mathew defines talent in the parable of the five talents as a weight and a piece of money. People with natural talent can learn or perform anything easily without hard work and that is the reason people call their natural talent a passion.

It is a great reality of the world that that people are not hostage to naturally gifted rank of talent, real world practices show example of many successful people and great performers without natural talent. People can make themselves what they will but unfortunately, the idea is not well accepted.

According to Hewlett top performers can be retained without breaking the bank. Hewlett mentions that during the financial crisis nearly two-thirds (64%) employees were bearing in their mind to leave their jobs and approximately 24% were keenly looking for new jobs.

I believe every person in this world has certain quantity of natural talent. The trick is to make proper use of that talent to be a good performer. If a person can learn things quickly I believe that is a natural talent. Similarly, same things can be learnt after real hard work and that would not be natural talent but that would be a nurtured talent


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