Free Tall Management Structures Essay Sample

Management Information Systems (MIS) are reducing the need of tall management structures. This is because of the following reasons.

MIS facilitate planning. MIS can improve the quality of an organization by availing relevant information needed for sound decision-making. Tall management structures are no longer viable as organizations are continuously increasing in size and complexity. Managers using the tall management structure easily loose personal contact with reality on the ground. MIS, for instance Operations Information Systems, enable managers to keep in touch with what is happening in the whole organization.

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Besides, MIS guarantee quality information. Information should be accurate and reliable. MIS, for instance Transaction-Processing Systems, enable information to reach the entire organization without any distortion whatsoever. In the contrary, information in tall management structures transmits via hierarchies. As a result, wrong or distorted information may be transmitted from one hierarchy to the other.

In addition, MIS fasten decision making. This is because all the managers in an organization get the facts in time. In tall management structures, decision making slows down because approval may be required by every layer of authority. MIS, like Decision Support Systems, enable managers to get timely information required to make decisions.

On the same note, MIS minimize information overload. MIS transform large amount of data into summaries which managers can easily comprehend. In tall management structures, managers may be confused by the detailed facts passed on to them. For instance, it is not easy for the Chief Executive Officer to make a decision based on the hierarchical opinions of ten managers.

Besides, it should be noted that, in the long run, it is cheaper to fund MIS than tall management structures. MIS will reduce the cost needed to process and store an organization’s data. In addition, MIS would require fewer staff to monitor the systems than would be the case for tall management structures. In fact, tall management structures require high management costs as managers in each layer of hierarchy will pay its manager more than the subordinate layer.

It is evident that tall management structures will soon become obsolete; thanks to MIS.            


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