Free The United States Department of Health Essay Sample

The department was founded in 1953 as a cabinet-level department. It was then known as the department of health, education and welfare and was founded with an aim of improving and protecting the health of the American people as well as providing the most essential human services in the region. However, its name was changed to department of health and human services in 1980 after the signing of the department of education organization Act in 1979. Since its inception the department has greatly worked towards achieving its fundamental role of improving health, safety and welfare of the American people.

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For the last 25 years the department has transformed the lives of American people through its continued efforts to combat health and other related aspects in life. According to the United States General Accounting Office & United States. Dept. of Health and Human Services government has also continued to support the HHS department through cabinet programs and policies enactments, which have seen it, grow to greater heights. Some of the notable policies and programs include the Mckinney Act of 1988 that allowed the department to provide health care to the homeless. In 1990 a comprehensive AIDS resource emergency Act was enacted to support and care for people with HIV and AIDS. In the year 2001, the HHS department assumed a greater role during the first bioterrorism attack in the U.S.

There has been some great improvement in the department some of which were fueled by policy enactments to better the department’s customer service deliveries. For instance the 1990 nutritional labeling and education Act was passed to ensure improved well- being of the American people. The department also established the vaccine for children program in 1993, which aimed at providing free immunizations to children in poor families. The department of social security administration was also established in 1995, in order to improve service delivery in the health sector. In order to efficiently coordinate the payment programs by the insurance policies, a health insurance portability and accountability Act was enacted in 1996. The state also took its initiative in 1996 by extending health covers to the uninsured children. The creation of centers for Medicare and Medicaid in the year 2001 also boosted the customer service delivery in the health sector.

Likewise, the office of public health emergency preparedness was created in 2002 coordinate and manages emergency health threats such as the bioterrorism attack in 2001. In 2003, the Medicare prescription drug improvement and modernization Act was enacted to improve and expand the prescription drugs in the department. Last year, there was an enactment of affordable care Act which aimed at reforming the U.S health insurance sector with an aim of lowering the souring medical costs in the country.

Since the HHS is a very sensitive department in the U.S, future policies and programs improvements are certain as it ensures a healthy working nation. The department is also expected to significantly lower health charges to the people making it affordable to all. The government is also expected to support the reduction of health costs, by allocating more funds to the HHS department. Speedy and other modern technology services will also be incorporated to improve service delivery in the health sector.


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