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Total Quality Management (TQM) is a management approach which focuses at improving the overall quality of a company. The main objective of TQM is to increase customer satisfaction through a continuous improvement of the quality of products and services in a company. It also integrate the quality related functions within a firm. Ideally the various quality related functions includes quality design, quality control, quality improvement and quality assurance. Effective implementation of TQM requires involvement of the entire workforce within a company. It is however a management tool which is often used to better the prevailing company condition.

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Research question

  • Does the Total Quality Management relate to the overall success of a company?


  • To identify the main causes of total quality dysfunctions and analyze how such condition can be improved.


  • To evaluate the strategies which causes Total Quality failures
  • Analyze why companies adopt such dysfunctional strategies
  • Recommend on the effective strategies to adopt in order to better products quality and lower the production cost.

Literature review

Total Quality management is usually implemented by the top management. This is usually done through effective and efficient implementation of quality assurance control within a firm. However for some reasons the company may fail to attain such standards. Some of the reasons include the failure to involve the entire workforce in the policy formulation and implementation process. It makes it hard to implement what you never developed. Lack of efficient training during the implementation process may also cause malfunction operation within a firm. Adequate and continuous training needs to be put in place in order to fully equip the employees on the quality techniques. Quality assurance also needs to be pre-tested, evaluated and improved over time to avoid becoming obsolete.

For this reason Company Mattel seems to have suffered total quality dysfunctions which may have contributed to the successive fail in their three years operations. However the inadequate financial capacity may have led the company into these. It is perfectly known that training, testing and evaluation process of a policy requires a significant amount of money which Company Mattel may have fallen short of. Additionally, lack of competent and experienced quality management personnel may have contributed to the dysfunctional strategy.

In order to effectively overcome this, Company Mattel ought to fully engage the entire workforce in the development of the total quality policy. This will work toward minimizing the rejection rate of the policy during the implementation process. According to Hill, &Capella University School of Business the engineer should do this by avoiding the design errors while the production worker ought to spot defects before causing greater loss. The sales person on the other hand ought to have an informed knowledge of the product to properly present them to the potential customers. The secretariat department should provide good customer service as well as work towards minimizing typing errors. The accounting and finance department should ensure proper utilization of company’s fund by effectively documenting all transactions in a firm.

Adequate training should also be provided to all key staffs in the firm as it enhances proper implementation process. It is also advisable to implement the information systems which simplify the process and meet the benchmarking standards. They should set strict product standards and regularly evaluate their performance to make sure that they suit the set standards. Company Mattel should follow customer demands in improving their products quality.

Research Methodology

Research designs

This paper adopted a qualitative research design as it allows the researcher to have a deeper contextual and investigatory role. It assumed a theoretical approach which exhaustively analyzed the research question, aim and objectives using relevant literatures. Rich and concrete literature materials on Total Quality Management were used throughout the research.

Sampling procedures and data collection method

In order to identify the causes of quality failures, I interviewed employees working in company Mattel, and used their information to analyze the situation. The population sample was however randomly picked in order to increase their information credibility. The research used both primary and secondary data sources in order to enhance quality results.

Research findings and results

From the research findings, there is a significant relationship between Total Quality Management and the company success. Company Mattel experienced some quality failures in its past due to the financial limitations and training inadequacy. Likewise the company failed to involve employees in policy development leading to its rejection during the implementation stage. Lack of competent quality personnel in the firm also contributed the quality failures. All these negatively impacted on the Total Quality Management and consequently to the success of Company Mattel.


Company Mattel ought to increase its financial stake for effective and efficient quality implementation process. The company should also involve its employees in quality development and designing process to avoid rejection in the implementation stage.  They should also regularly evaluate their production process to ensure that they are in-line with the set standards. Customer oriented production should be emphasized as it helps the firm to strategically survive in a competitive market. Additionally, the company ought to provide adequate training to their staff in order to ensure a smooth implementation process. If Company Mattel incorporates all these in their total quality management process they will significantly improve their financial well-being and also minimize their production and administrative costs.


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