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Milwaukee has for many years been rated as a world leader in provision of information management services for financial industries. Also, it is one of the cities in United States with a large number of employees’ owned companies. Grede Foundries is a company located in Milwaukee and is specialized in smelting of ferrous metals, ductile iron, gray iron, and steel casting. It is well known for offering its customers a backbone of civilization through the provision of quality products all over the world.

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Despite being a world leader in provision of casting products, there are many ethical problems facing its employees. This paper tries to examine some ethical problems faced by employees of this firm. 

One of the major problems faced by employees in this company is having insufficient information regarding their duties. The employees have insufficient knowledge in the boundary of their operations resulting to ethical dilemmas between them and their employers. While the company expects new employees to abide to all the statutory and other instructions applicable to their duty, the senior managers do not take the initiative to familiarize them with what they are expected to do. There is very little cooperation between senior management and the junior staffs.

The other key ethical problem is the intrusion in the scope of their work by their seniors. In this regard, employees are forced to do according to the will of their employers rather than doing what is right. The employees are expected to follow orders and instructions from their leaders.

Salary issues have been and are still a major ethical issue among employees of the Grede Foundrie Companies. Many issues have been raised by employees who claim that the salary they get is not proportional to the duties they perform. This has triggered dishonesty in the work place and employees doing substandard work in order to complete their duties in time. In addition, some employees are not loyal to the company and thus, in order to generate an extra income they work for other companies at a fee.

In addition, the issue of integrity in the company’s work place cannot be left behind. Some senior managers abuse their authority by not involving other staffs in decision making. Thus, they make decisions with the aim of personal gains hence, violating the acceptable frame work. The senior managers are not accountable in dealing with funds and they execute their duties unprofessionally.

From the United States Public Service Commission (PSC) frame work on codes of conducts in organizations and companies, the following can be put in place at the work place to enhance ethical conducts. First, efficiency should be ensured.  Each employee should be conversant with what is expected of him or her and should have the ability to closely work with other employees for the success of the organization. Secondly, integrity at the work place should be maintained. The concerned party should make decisions that do not abuse the authority to their personal gain. Commitment of the employees should also be a basic tool in any organization to ensure provision of quality services and proper treatment of customers. Others codes of conducts such as loyalty, transparency, accountability and honesty are also key for any organization to maintain a good relationship between the management, the junior staffs and customers.

In conclusion, Grede Foundrie Company has the responsibility of conducting its business in a manner that would benefit its customers, employees and its stakeholders. The company should enrich itself putting into consideration its employees and stakeholders’ welfare.


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